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posted: September 6, 2005

As Raoul mentioned, I volunteered to update this website and I am so sorry that I have not been so diligent in doing so.
The news about Raffy Verdote should have been posted earlier. Thank you, Raoul for updating our batchmates.
Please let us know how we can extend help to Raffy.

Ed de Guzman

posted: August 27, 2005

Raffy Verdote Family Tragedy

A terrible tragedy has beffalen one of our own. Here are the emails that have been sent to me:


Wed, 24 Aug 2005
Bosconian loses family member in fire

This morning, Rafael Verdote, a Bosconian, snd his family suffered the loss
of one of their children who perished in a fire at their residence at dawn
today. The daughter is a 15 year old student in high school. The wife
suffered 3rd degree burns and is in the hospital.

This email was written by Jojo Vicencio but forwarded to me by Garie Pimentel on 8/25/05, 1:27 am


Thanks for passing this news to me Garie.

My, what a tragedy. I'm CC-ing some of the people in our batch. Let's pray
for Raffy's family. I pray that the Lord will send his angels to help him
through this great loss.

Ordinarily I would BCC or Blind Copy my email but I wanted everyone to know
who this email is reaching in that hopes that they will pass this on to the
others. Our batch '74 website (www.bosco.arttickles.com) has been inactive
due to my ever increasing workload but Ed de Guzman in Canada has
volunteered to carry the torch. Please address all your emails and
suggestions to him ( email: efdeguzman@sympatico.ca ). If anyone knows
Raffy's email, please let us know.



8/25/05, 1:27 a.m.

Thanks, Raoul! Our prayers are with Raffy & his family ... when I started
in Don Bosco (Grade 6), Raffy and I were in the same Section and he was one
of the first friends I had. In fact, even my Mom became friends with his
Mom. I forwarded your email to my brother so he can advise my Mom in
Manila. Will wait for further news & contact info.



8/25/05 10:13 am
I am saddened to hear the news & if there is any way that we could provide
any kind of financial assistance to Raffy & his family, please let everybody

Roel J. M. Mallari


8/26/05, 12:27 am

Raffy can be contacted through his cellphone: +63 917 539 6465 or email:



Here is a news clip:

2 girls die in San Juan, Malabon City fires

First posted 03:35am (Mla time) Aug 25, 2005
By Edson C. Tandoc Jr., DJ Yap
Inquirer News Service

Editor's Note: Published on page A18 of the August 25, 2005 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

TWO GIRLS died in two separate fires in Metro Manila yesterday.

High school student, Catrina Verdote, 15, was killed after a 20-minute fire razed their two-story house in San Juan early yesterday morning.

She was trapped in her bedroom on the upper floor of the house in Addition Hills village, municipal fire chief Eloy Gabriel told the Inquirer. Verdote’s mother Cristy, 46, and helper Mercedes Cruz, 69, were treated for minor burns.

Family driver Cesar Bascones told investigators he was in his quarters near the kitchen when he was awakened by the noise of breaking glass about 4:30 a.m.

He thought people were quarrelling but when he rushed out of his room, he saw the kitchen on fire. Cristy, her husband Rafael, and their two daughters as well as Bascones, Cruz and two other helpers managed to get out of the burning house. But Catrina was trapped in her room.

Gabriel said Catrina might have been rendered unconscious. As the fire spread, the wooden upper floor collapsed.

Responding firefighters managed to put out the fire about 4:50 a.m. and recovered Catrina’s body on the ground floor. Gabriel said about P8 million worth of property was lost.

Better Late Than Never

Okay, okay, I know I said I would update this site 2 weeks ago. The business has been blessed with a lot more business which translates to a lot less time to do other stuff like this website. Anyway, much has happened since the last entry. Arnold started a trading business, Alan Paet drops a note from out of the blue, Ding Guzman has turned into a chick photographer, and there are a few more emails from old friends.

Glen Santayana has a new website. It turns out that he's quite an amazing conceptual artist. If you need someone to visualize your dream home or to even design it --- Glen's the architect you need to go to. This is his website: www.SantayanaDesign.com

A major event was the Don Bosco Aloha Grand Reunion last August 21. Unfortunately, I was the feature speaker. Why do I say that? It was the worse day of the year for me. My family spent the whole morning and early afternoon helping a friend clean their accumulated junk in order to make their home "rentable" for extra income. Then we rushed to the hospital to give support to another friend who had just undergone back surgery. Then we rushed to change for the reunion. This is where the problem began. It took us a long time to scrub the dust and grime that we got from the cleaning. Then on the way to the reunion we got lost. I had lacked sleep and I could not remember how to get there. We went south, turned around and went North, turned East, turned around and turned West, then turned back South --- all of this in the major Freeways of Los Angeles county. It was so embarrassing because I was late by an hour. I've apologized to the organizers already but let me reiterate that I should have planned things better. The event itself was very well planned. Kudos to Rene Garcia and his team.

October 12, 2004


Can you please post this on the website?

Fr. Emil Santos was our grade 6 Catechist. After a few years of serving in the Philippines he was assigned in Rome teaching at a seminary. (Don't know the name!)

He is now back in Manila and is stationed at the Salisiana Publishers in Don Bosco Makati.

For the folks back in Manila, please send personally your regards to Fr. Emil on his 30th anniversary. For our friends in USA, Canada, or Australia, please send Fr. Emil best regards and prayers on his upcoming 30th anniversary.


Ed F. de Guzman
ITS, Kodak Canada Inc.

October 9, 2004


BIG, BIG THANKS !!! for your effort in posting my company's activities............I hope we can create interest to prospective batchmates who are in the give-away, promotion and even retail business............I'll keep you posted if anybody sends me any inquiry.

Also , bless you for your effort to squeeze in time to up-date the website in spite of your very busy schedule, Raoul.

Take care of yourself and regards to everyone in our batchmates.


October 7, 2004

Letter from Arnold announcing his visit to the Philippines


Please be informed that I will be taking my annual leave (CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS) from 20th DECEMBER, 2004 until 3rd JANUARY, 2005.

I will spending my CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS at the PHILIPPINES....after more than 10 years !

So for any IMPORTANT messages......... just call my MOBILE PHONE : (+852) 94 94 74 26
Philippine Res. No.: (+632) 438.5525

I will get PHILIPPINE SIM CARD and advise other number that you can contact me.



Sep 30

a day in paradise w/ glen

to all bosconians,
greetings! this is roel mallari & glen santayana about to tee off at a
jacaranda gc. it was simply hot & humid out there but glen & I manage to
score 3 under.

Alan Paet is Alive and Living in Southern California
Sep 13, 2004

Hi Raoul,
This is Alan Paet calling! It has been 30 years since we last saw each other, I would presume. I am really impressed with your work in establishing the web site for our class year!! My kudos to you and to those who have contributed to your site. I left the Phil. in the summer of 1973 so I did not graduate from Bosco. I immigrated to Chicago and completed my high school and college there. For the past 20 years, I have been residing in southern california. Let me give you my contact info below.

I noticed that you also reside here in Southern California! Maybe we can plan a get together for those who reside here?
REgards and best wishes to you and your family!

Alan A. Paet
IRVINE, CA 92602
home: (714) 389-5155
mobile: (714) 473-0026


Kamusta Alan,

I remember you very well. We sat at the same area in the back row. I remember your leaving for the states in the middle of the school year.

You live in Irvine? That's millionaire's row --- Orange County. Naks naman!

I live in South Pasadena and work here at home. How did you find the website?

It's too bad I only heard from you just now because we had a Bosco reunion last month.

I'll call you when I free up my clutter --- I'm finishing up a project for a presentation tomorrow.

Sige, let's get together one of these days. Actually marami na rin ang batch natin in the area (Raymond Santos, Ray de la Rosa, Lito Adao, Roel Mallari, etc.). Perhaps we can have a small reunion of just our batch.

home: 323 258-4185
cell: (626) 818-5008
personal website: www.raoulpascual.com
business: www.wynkmarketing.com


Good to hear from you, Raoul! I tried using some of the emails in the list on our web site but they got bounced. I tried emailing Arnel Sia(pataka7@webtv.net) and Rene Barretto(Rebar@pw.ph.inter.net).maybe these need to be updated.

South Pasadena from what I heard is also a very nice established neighborhood! How long have you lived here in CA? I just don't remember the names you mentioned below for those former classmates that also reside here in SoCal. Were they in our batch?

BTW, I am taking a vacation to Taipei, Taiwan with my wife(she is chinese) and will swing by the Phil on 23 Sept - 27 Sept. Maybe I can touch base with some of our former classmates that are residing in MAnila. That's why I was emailing the people that I used to know quite well..

I am pretty sure that there will be some more reunions in the future, either here or elsewhere.

Actually, my younger brother was the one who stumbled onto your web site..HE also went to Bosco MAnda but of course, much later than us.




Got in contact with Alan Paet. Below are his emails (Alan, I hope you don't mind my sharing this with the rest of our batch. I've included you in our mailing list so you and everyone else in the list can email each other by simply addressing your emails to bosco@arttickles.com. This is an exclusive list which means only those in the list can communicate with each other).

Alan will be going to the Philippines September. He wants to meet up with some of you. Please email him.

I'd like to apologize for not updating our site. Been extremely busy. I'll see if I can sneak some time this weekend. In the meantime, please address all your emails to bosco@arttickles.com so everyone can be part of the conversation.



Sep 14

This is Cesar Soria. It's nice to know that another batchmate resides here in So. Cal. Too bad we can't just ride a bus or a jeepney to visit each other. I do remember Alan Paet because of the class Basketball Team. I doubt if he remembers me though. Anyway, I just want to say hello to Alan in Irvine.
There's a place close to Irvine that our family likes to hang around called Laguna Beach. Lovely place.
I reside here in Northridge, Ca., close to the epicenter of the Northridge Quake of '94. I've been here since 1984 but first had residency in Jersey City, NJ.
I missed the last Bosco reunion because we had a family wedding to attend to. We'll try next time.

Regards to our batchmates


Sep 15

Alan - This note is just meant to welcome you back to the fold, so to speak. i'm almost sure you don't remember me if you can't remember our classmates Ray de la Rosa, Lito Adao, and Roel Mallari (whom i remember), and Raymond Santos (whom, like you, i don't remember either).

Ako si ernie peralta, and we were classmates in elementary, and actually section mates for a large part of that. i didn't attend high school in Don Bosco as i went to Christ The King Seminary - yeah, i wanted to be a priest at one point and thought i had the calling, but no dice. Like you, my family emigrated to the U.S. in 1973 (October), where i finished high school at Sierra H.S. in Whittier, California, not that far from Irvine. i served five years in the Navy, went to Whittier College, got married, and moved to the Bay Area in 1992. i have two grown daughters aged 23 and 19, so my wife and i are going through the empty nest (emptiness??) syndrome.

i actually remember your younger brother also although i don't recall his name. He was actually a classmate of my younger brother Noel. And just as a "blast from the past", i remember you as the one who introduced me to vitamin 1-6-12, dahil sabi mo that was the reason kung bakit ka tumangkad nang husto! So look at me now, pandak pa rin! :)

Anyway, Welcome! Kumusta na lang sa iyo and to your family. Hope you can hook up with our fellow-bosconians in the P.I., and will be able to re-live fond memories then. i was able to meet with Ed de Guzman, Perry (Percival) Pena, and Jun (Isidoro) Dadivas when i visited Toronto in 2002, and i can tell you that the reminiscing was great! Take care and God bless.
- ernie


Sep 16

Hi Ernie,

I do remember your name; I just wished i can remember your face. I can only do that by looking at our class pictures..You are right about vitamin b 6-12..It helped me grow taller for one year and then I stopped growing!!

My youngest brother, Jun was the one you probably remember. Where are you in the bay area? Once in a while, my wife and I travel to the bay area to visit her friends and her former high school mates for reunion. In fact, we were in Cupertino this last Easter.

It would be great to hook up with former bosconians and reminisce. Raoul
did an excellent job in creating the web site and compiling all that information.

Hope to be able to see you also, someday in a reunion??

Best regards,



Alan - It was a very pleasant surprise to hear back from you so soon!

Akala ko you were already on vacation. My wife and i live in a town called Suisun City, which is halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento on I-80, about 15 minutes northeast of Vallejo. Cupertino would be about 85 miles or so away from where i live.

Speaking of reunions, Christ The King Seminary just had one, which we had in Santa Clara, not very far from Cupertino. We have one at least every two years, and it's all alumni who ever went into the seminary as an SVD seminarian. Our group is actually called PAX International. We're having another one next year, this time in San Diego. We're preparing for our 20th grand reunion in Chicago in 2007, 20th anniversary since the founding of PAX, that is. Hopefully, i will be able to attend something similar for us bosconians also, at sana ay magkita-kita din tayong muli after all these years. Even a mini-reunion would be great, i think.

Anyway, i'm attaching a picture of our grade 5-A class to see if it will help jog your memory. i'm in the second row, 2nd from the left (your left, as you look at the picture) - between Genaro Ventura and Jose Lauro Cruz.i'm also attaching a more recent picture just so you'll know what i look like now. As usual, maitim pa rin ako! Take care and God bless!



Hi Cesar, Ernie, et al.,

Alan, see what you did? You sparked a lot of conversation. And you thought nobody remembered you ...

It's nice to know that somehow the website I put up has reunited a few people ... even via emails.

We should plan something together soon. I know Eddie Guzman was even willing to travel from Canada.



Sep 16

Hi everyone,
It is good to know I am still remembered by some!! It has been over 30 years since I left PI..I honestly had to look at the class pictures that are in the DB MAnda web site to find out how people looked at that time so that I can recognize and place the face with the name.
I was a basketball fanatic at that time and I still do play some basketball. I wonder if anyone else still do??

Looking forward to meeting each and everyone in person, someday, somehow.
My wife and I are traveling to Taiwan(my wife is from Taipei) on 23 Sept. and I will swing by PI from 23 sept- 27 sept. So if I can meet anyone while I am there, please let me know beforehand.
Best regards to all,


Alan - Funny you should mention basketball. Remember where i had mentioned our PAX seminary reunion in Santa Clara? A bunch of us played full-court basketball that Saturday - a mix of young ones and "young once". i know i'm banging my own gong now, but i scored the most points in the game, mostly from the outside. i still run 4 or 5 miles at least twice a week, so i'm still in somewhat decent shape. Kaya nga lang medyo garahe ako ngayon, dahil i pulled a (egads!) groin muscle!

Cesar - Don't know if you remember me, but i do remember you. We were classmates in Grade 6-B i believe, as well as in one or two grades before that in elementary. i can still picture yung taling mo sa pisngi (i think it was on the cheek), and how well you - and Alan, for that matter - played basketball. i was going to email you before, but things somehow fell through the cracks. Anyway, kumusta na lang and i hope some of us can get together sometime. i used to live in Whittier (1973-1992), but we have since moved to the Bay Area, although i still have lots of family in SoCal.

Raoul - Sorry at hindi na kita na-kopyahan on my last email to Alan. It's all your fault that bosconians are getting together, y'know ;) Take care na lang, bro'.

- ernie (peralta)


Good for you, Ernie..I also run about 10K(6.2 miles) for 5 days a week..I used to run marathons(26.2 miles) before, but the age is creeping at me, so I only run "shorter" distances. I am also an avid tennis player and some of my friends here have been convincing me to take up golf, but I have not had the inclination to be serious about playing it.

As they always say, health is wealth..



Alan - i'm impressed! Would that i could do (or have done when i was younger) what you have already accomplished! i took the liberty of
"googling" your name on the Internet just now, and here's what i came up with... drum roll, to further impress the Don Bosco Batch of 74 he...he...

i believe this was from a race in Las Vegas, no? Man, i could hardly keep that pace up for 10 miles, let alone 26.2! That time is quite impressive, too. Bilib na talaga ako sa iyo, pare. You can't see it, but i'm bowing to you right now :) One thing's for certain, i'm not playing basketball with you (jk). Anyway, i hope i didn't embarrass you by posting this.Pinahanga mo lang talaga ako, Alan. Take care.

- ernie


Hi Ernie,
I think those results were from the Las Vegas Marathon. I did quite a few
that year(1998) almost all over the country. The last one I did, if I
remember correctly, was about 3 years ago in Long Beach or Huntington Beach,

Take care!

Aug 28, 2004
10th Year Anniversary of a fellow Bosconian's Pinoy Newspaper


Can you pls. broadcast our 10th year year anniversary issue to all bosconians www.cjfilam.com
With all the greetings from the most powerful politicians in the US.


Joey Quinto
California Journal For Filipino Americans
18039 Crenshaw Blvd. #306
Torrance, CA 90504
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8119
Torrance, CA 90504
Tel. # (310) 676-9918
Fax # (310) 532-6242
e-mail - cjfilam@earthlink.net
website - www.cjfilam.com


Two letters from Ed Guzman

Aug 11, 2004

Hi, Raoul!

I was reading you nice introduction for the '74 HS web page and noticed some things that need corrections.

Fr. Evangelista's first name is Marciano not Mariano.

And since we are on the subject of first names, might as well put some first names:

Mr. Napoleon Tanchangco
Mr. Rodel Castillo
Mr. Paul Chang
Mr. Francisco Reyes (Bining)
Mr. Juan Wilson
Mr. Sixto Malaza
Ex-brother Norberto Cabrerra (by the way, I see him every now and then here in Toronto)
Mr. Francisco Calimag (remember him? Vice-principal when we were in 2nd year HS)
Mr. Virgilio Tomas (First year Math teacher and 1-A class adviser)

Also second year was up to section F.

Anyway, this is all I could remember for the moment. I will put my thinking cap once more and let us see what come is again.

Ed F. de Guzman


Aug 6, 2004

Hi, Raoul!

It has been a while since I wrote anyone from Batch '74 a note.

Been out of touch and out of reach due to work and family. Anyway, I so glad to see that you are still much alive out there!

Looks like the LA reunion needs a "kicker" to move things around. Why not vote for a "motivator"? Any suggestions?

Also, can you update my e-mails to read:

ed.deguzman@kodak.com (office), and
ed.deguzman@sympatico.ca (home)?

Thanks, and all the best. Take care.

Ed F. de Guzman

July 23, 2004
Letters from Ding Re: Miss Indy Beauty Contest where he was an official photographer

Was fortunate to be one of the Photo Judges (THANK YOU, Mr. John Lee of Procon Leisure International) last Tuesday at the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel - lots of media coverage, I was actually part of the CTV News that evening! Footages & other clips can be seen at my friend's website ... http://www.shawnlam.ca/missindy.htm (Shawn of Shawn Lam Video - www.shawnlam.ca - is the official Ms. Indy Videographer & DVD Producer).

I'll be posting the photos I took that day soon, perhaps, by tomorrow (Thursday) evening. Tonight (Wednesday) was the Swimwear Presentation + Cocktails with the Drivers and the Media (i.e. includes us, the photographers) - lots of photos, too - and yes, they'll be posted together with Tuesday's photos! Of course, more photos (of the girls & maybe, some cars) to come from Friday & Saturday's events. I'll email you again with the link to the Ms. Indy 2004 Online Photos.

Here's a shot I took of ChampCar Driver Bruno Junqueira of Brazil with Lynne Kushnirenko, Ms. Indy 2003 ... followed by their official photos & website addresses.

Enjoy! - DG Photography



Naks naman Ding!

Are you sure you're working?

Can't wait to see the photos.



Thanks ... of course, I am working, this is one of those jobs --- someone's gotta do it :)

I'm working on the photos, will upload tonight.

Be patient ...



Ms. Indy 2004 - ONLINE PHOTOS!!!


More to follow ... visit again!

DG Photography



Good job on the photos. After a while did you notice that they all start to look like cattle in a meat farm?

Except for a handful, they all were extremely beautiful. It's obvious who you were attracted to by the number of shots you took. I also noticed the sharp contrast of beauty with ugly when the men were in the pictures. It was as if dreamland suddenly bumped into reality.

Have you posted this to the rest of the Bosconians? What are you going to do with the photos? Were you commissioned to take them or did you just happen to have the "urge?" Did you use a digital camera? How did you get involved in this? What do your wife and daughter think about this? Nag-selos ba?

I found the behind the scenes more interesting after a while. Next time take some in the dressing room!

Again, nice photos. Lots of good close-ups!



Thanks, Raoul ... it didn't take long to feel that they're just subjects :) I've been doing this for awhile so it does feel like a job most of the time!

Sometimes, the less skin shown, the better & more exciting as you tend to anticipate more! www.fotki.com/dgphotography shows a few more from the Ms. Indy prelims.

The little newspaper clip had my photograph pero likod ko lang nga ... in this particular event, I was one of 4 photo judges whose main role is to give them scores based on their being photogenic and ability to pose & show self-confidence in front of the camera. I was not supposed to tell them what poses to do! This will account to 25% of their total scores towards being Ms. Indy 2004 (there's swimsuit and sports routine + interview - happening all this week). Tonight is the final swimsuit, tomorrow is the sports routine & final Awarding. Tapos na yung interview judging the other day.

I met John Lee (the organizer of Ms. Indy) in one of the preliminaries and he liked my photos so he picked me as one of the judges :) Suwerte lang but hopefully, this will give me some good (& free) exposure to the right parties. I will be giving him all photos on CD's for possible use on their website and/or promo materials. I use a digital SLR for all my photography now, got rid of my last film camera early this year. Dulce's fine with this but Stephanie is even more excited as the Vancouver Indy and the Ms. Indy are big things here and her classmates have a hoot looking at the photos, and knowing that we get to meet the famous Ms. Indy titleholders (Jaime, my main website model was Ms. Indy 2002), the Indy drivers, etc. I got involved with this whole segment thru Shawn Lam who's a friend of mine, he does all the Video stuff for Indy.

There are more photos to see, I did the Swimwear Preview the other night and all of them socialized with the press and drivers alike. A lot more behind the scenes but maybe not behind the dressing room door, we'll see :)

Until next update ...



Exciting lifestyle Mr.. Guzman.

Pwede na tayo sa Playboy!

Good luck on the finals. Be sure to share more pictures ... dressing room shots will be fine too. ;-)



One day, we'll be working for Hef :)

Will surely do ... and I'll have a version for the Bosco Group - you can post the www.fotki.com/dgphotography - that's open to the public!

July 7, 2004

Hi All,

I met Dave Novelero in Davao a few months ago and I just want to tell everyone that we had a great time reminiscing the past. Hope he gets this email. Those who are interested may want to send him an SMS at +63 918 255 5590.

Warm regards,



Hi Batchmates,
This really made my day.

Warm regards,


May 22, 2004
Letter from Ding Guzman


It's finally up & running - DG Photography's Online Photo Gallery and (automated) Photo Ordering & Fulfillment System ... so far, I have all of Paddy's Show Photos posted (Dance Recital & Candid Shots - under "Spirit of the Pacific" - May 1, 2004).

Hopefully, by this weekend, Kalaya's Show Photos (under "The Kalaya Dancers" - May 16, 2004) will be up, as well. Enjoy the photos and don't hesitate to order :)

Two things to remember, all prices are in US$ and for shipping, please pick International Air Mail for the best shipping rate. The photo prices were intentionally set at a lower level to compensate for the added shipping cost from US to Canada.


DG Photography

Arnold Quilang started a business in Hong Kong. Feel free to contact him directly for business opportunities.

May 19, 2004


Mabuti sumulat ka! Some people have been looking for you. Nakalimutan ko na kung sino. This is the new address. http://www.bosco.arttickles.com/
I'll post your letter there.

If you could send me a photo, that would be fantastic.

I understand what you mean about starting a new business. They say the first years are the hardest. Hang in there. Tell us more about your business and how we can help. What kind of products are you exporting? I'm a firm believer that we Bosconians should support each other not only in social circles but also in business. I can post your business in our Classified Ads section.

Welcome back!



May 19, 2004


It's me again. Sorry for the late reply, just busy with the new company and new office place. I would really be very pleased and indebted if you can inform our batchmate about my business. Actually, I am doing buying agency scheme with overseas buyers and importers (anywhere in this world) for those interested to get better and direct pricings from HONG KONG and CHINA based manufacturers. We deal mainly with any general merchandise or what we call "ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN." items. We have been shipping out e.g.:

(1) De luxe 24-pc BBQ sets in ALUMINUM CARRYING CASE....like an attache case style but made in aluminum....we have shipped out 2 x 40' FCL to CANADA and 1 FCL went to HUDSON'S BAY at CANADA

(2) 21-speed Mountain Bikes for Coca Cola CANADA in 2 x 40' FCL also.


(4) Stainless Steel Travel and Home-Use Mugs, Pots and Tumblers with company logo printing or etched outside the mug ...also for CANADA

(5) CD & DVD trays for CANADA for 5 Million pieces (these trays are for inside the DVD MOVIES ...trays you find inside the DVD CASE or HOUSING).

(6) Any kind of metalwares or hardware that needs etched logo or engraved logo....as corporate give-always. Keyholders, bottle openers, etc. Can Cooler also

(7) Inflatable items (balloons with different character shape)

(8) Tin Cans in various shapes and sizes with embossed logos or printed logos

(9) Photo or Picture frames in metal, wood and other suitable material for the frame is also workable

(10) Carabiner watches, 2-in-1 clip radios, fancy and funky watches for adults and kids, pedometers, ceramic and glassware items...etc.

And the lists goes on.....as long as we receive inquiry for any item they want to source from CHINA with photo(s) of required items, any ideal price (if possible....to limit search criteria), required quantity and delivery ......then we can pick-up and work on said inquiry.

I can also render extra Quality Assurance service prior to shipment at place of factory...normally location at CHINA , to ensure quality is good and acceptable.

In short, when we receive the inquiry, I will source out the goods from manufacturers, get quotations and when order is confirmed , I will take care of approval samples and production delivery. Whole production process will also be monitored until the goods are shipped to final destination.

That about wraps up all the things I normally perform in this job / business , Raoul.

So if any of our batchmates is interested .....pls. send me your e-mail inquiry and send it to : alqnpartners@netvigator.com
and I'll surely respond back asap.

Thanks and best regards to you and your family and to all our BATCHMATES all over the world !

Cheers and God Bless !

Hong Kong

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