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The month of July has been rather silent. People taking vacations? Or no news to talk about? For whatever reason, I combined the June and July letters together for now. These last days of the month entries will be joining the August month in order for these letters to get more exposure. --- Raoul

Growing list of those interested in an LA reunion:
Tentative Date : May or June 2004

Tony Mapile, Glenn Santayana, Lito Adao, Ray de la Rosa, Raoul Pascual, Ed Guzman, Ernie Peralta.

Any more? We're open to suggestions.

Aug 28

Clarification and Question From Boyet


On the pics sent by Relly Salle;

1. Si Reantaso ay Winston nga.
2. Montemayor is not "Bukol". The word is used "exclusively" for Wilmer Montoya, anak ng Metrocom-ini, kapatid si Susan na nag-aaral sa Stella Maris at Fantasia ni Manuel Quintans.

I thought and akala ko the reunion is being planned for April or May 2003 and not 2004. Paki-clarify naman. Thanks and God bless!!!


I was pretty sure that he was Winston pero I didn't know if he was also called "Bay." As far as the reunion date, You're right. The reunion in the Philippines which is planned by Albert David is next year. Ed de Guzman's proposal in his email dated Aug 15 stated 2004. Ed, did you mean 2003 or did you really want to do it a year after --- ie. 2004? In connection with the reunion, is anyone interested in area accomodations? If so, batchmates in the area could probably get together to see what we can do in this area.

Aug. 29

Email Correction from Ding


Kamusta ulit! Just a quick note, if & when you have time ... it appears I have 3 different email addresses on our website (directory, mass-mailing, classifieds). If you don't mind, maybe we can standardize to just one - let's use 'ding@dgphotography.net'. The dg@winning.com is actually non-existent now. The others are OK but we can forget about those now. I just realized this when Edwin told me that in his mass-mailing, mine bounced back. Thanks. Hope you're enjoying summer.

Dean (Ding) Guzman

Thanks for the correction. If anyone else knows of other email errors or additional addresses, please inform me so we could correct the problem. Actually there are several in the email list who up to now have remained silent. I haven't gotten any returned messages so I'm assuming they are accurate. --- Raoul

Sad News About Lorenzo Masilungan's Mother

Aug 26


Since you were taking the week off, I went ahead and e-mailed everyone (in your mailing list) about Lorenzo. I guess there's no need to post it. Hope you had a nice week off.




Lorenzo Masilungan just informed me that her mom, Rosalina Masilungan, passed away on Aug 17, a day after suffering cerebral bleeding that left her unconscious. All her children and grandchildren were with her at bedside. Please ask all our friends to pray for her eternal rest. Thanks.


Thanks for the info. Good idea about emailing everybody about the incident because I just arrived from a week-long vacation in Angels Camp in Central California. In behalf of the Don Bosco HS batch of '74, I offer our sympathies and prayers to the family of Lorenzo. ---Raoul

Grief is a journey you do come through. . . . There are no short cuts through grief. You can't dictate. You simply face each task as you need to, be in control as you get through it, then break down afterwards. But you can't do much more than that.. . .All I would say to those dealing with the pain of loss and bereavement is please be kind to yourself. There will be times when your heart trips, sometimes involuntarily. Just let that happen, and accept. It does get better, become gentler, I promise you.
-- Frances Shand Kidd (Mother of Diana, Princess of Wales)

Toronto Pictures and Reunion Sign up

Aug 22

Ed, Jun, and Perry - It was really great to have seen y'all again after 32 years. Although a lot has changed since then, it was as if everything was just as they were as we reminisced, rehashed, and maybe even embellished old memories. Maybe in another 32 years, we can share a few more stories about our favorite teachers (Miss Rivera, Miss Arenas, Miss Cordon, etc...), trade ghost stories (i have more, believe it or not), and re-tell our Don Bosco escapades (i would like to hear what high school was like in Don Bosco).

Y'all are good peeps, and i am so glad to have gotten re-acquainted with all three of you. Maybe we'll meet up in Los Angeles next year, no? Until then, take care and God bless. Two pics are attached, and two more via separate e-mail are coming para dehins masyadong malaki ang file.

Yours in Don Bosco,

ernie (peralta)

I wrote Ernie right after I got that email and below is what we exchanged --- Raoul

From: Raoul Pascual
To: eperusa@mindspring.com
Sent: Friday, August 23, 2002 10:44 AM
Subject: Re: Toronto Pics 1

Thanks Ernie,

I'll put it up as soon as I free up my priorities. Are you signing up for the LA reunion?


Aug 23


Of course...

See you then, hopefully. Ed, Jun, and Perry had nothing but good things to say about you.

- ernie

Thanks Ernie for the Canada pics. Thanks also for the compliments. You seem to have had some lively conversations. Makes me want to have the reunion a lot sooner. Ray de la Rosa are planning a lunch meeting 2 weeks from now. Perhaps that will be a good starter for our main reunion. -- Raoul

Ist Year G Photo

Aug 19

Hi Raoul,

Attached is 1-G class pic. Glad to share this missing photo. By the way, LA reunion is not a bad idea at all. Please count me in...

All the best.

Glen Santayana

Thanks for the photo. I didn't know that first year reached all the way to class G. Your interest in the reunion is encouraging. Biro mo, all the way from Florida and still willing to come here in LA. --- Raoul

Missing in Action --- from Charlie

Aug 4, 2002

Hi Ed,

Sorry for not respoding soon enough. I talked to Jun Oliveros as soon as I got the email but unfortunately, he has changed e-mail address. But you may send him an SMS (text) messgae on +63 917 814 6964. Si Elvis can be reached at +1 530 743 5336. Di ko alam kung nasaan yung iba. I think si Carlos Borja puedeng ma-contact sa alumni.com website.

Warm regards,

Charlie Fernando

Rocis, Inc. (sales office)
1602 Ayala Tower 1
Ayala Ave. Makati City
tel. +(632) 848-7272
fax.+(632) 848-5454

Charlie, long time no hear. Thanks for the update. Sayang walang email address sila. Has anyone heard from Arnold Quilang? --- Raoul Pascual

Three letters from Ed de Guzman


Aug 13

Just want to let you folks know:

Ernie Peralta is in town and we - Jun Dadivas, Perry Pena, Ernie, and me
- will be getting together tonight.

I will send some pictures as soon as possible.




Aug 14


Here is the group picture during our get together last night here in Toronto.

Ernie has more pictures to come. We were at a Japanese restaurant - called Yuki - North of the city.

It was fun remembering the good old days - grade school most particularly since Ernie left Busko in the HS days.

By the way, courtesy of Perry and Jun - Vispac's name is Mr. delas Penas.

Ed F. de Guzman


Aug 15


Kindly post this proposal at the website.

Since our 30th anniversary (2004) is fast approaching, I am proposing that a reunion be held outside of the Philippines - say at the LA area. We can have it sometime in May or June, 2004.

Ito ay para ma iba naman. Hindi parating sa Busko!

What does everyone think? LA residents will do the hosting arrangements!

Let us get a consensus.

Regards to all.


I like the idea. I can definitely help with accomodations in this area. At the very least I can use my time share so all the visitors plus their families can stay in first class accomodations for a fraction of the cost. I've still got a lot of catching up to do with work ever since my return from the Arizona vacation but as soon as I can, I'll put up some script where we can automatically sign up for this event. So far, these are the people intersted in an LA reunion: Tony Mapile, Ray dela Rosa, Ed de Guzman, Lito Adao and myself. Did I leave anyone out? --- Raoul

Priceless Photos from Rely Salle

Aug 14

Dear Raoul,

I have just uploaded seven jpg files for the appreciation of our fellow bosconians/batchmates at the website.This includes the following jpg pics:

L-R: Myself, Bay Reantaso, Rodolfo Garcia, Jimmy Dauz, Edgar Ramirez, Perry PeÑa, Bobits Nepomuceno and my kompadre Enteng Angeles. This was shot near the second gate DBTI.
Note: the Statue behind is Don Bosco, Taken around 2nd Year.

Prep F
I will just identify those I still remember:
1st row L-R: 9th just next to Miss Sibal is Manuel Sese then Dennis Odulio
2nd row L-R: 2nd Gerry Sevilla, 8th and second fm Miss Sibal is myself next to me is Aguilar, 11th is CesarLlarenas.
3rd row L-R: 11th is Alex Macasieb 4th row L-R: Hizon,6th is Jimmy Dauz 7th must be Felixberto PeÑa(not sure)9th is the other Hizon, Hilarion.

The Grade 1e pic is already there.
1st row Im the boy to the right of Ressurection and Pimentel.2nd row L-R:
6th is Max Sarah then Wilfred Castillo 8th is Abet David.3rd row L-R: 6th is Cesar Soria 10th is my best friend Luis(jack)Santos,14th is Miguel Sol. 4th row L-R: 3rd is Jimmy Dauz.

Grade 2D
1st row L-R: 7th is Chito Africa, 9th and second fm Miss Rivera is Manuel Sese then Francisco "kiko" Jose 12th is Carlos Zafra then me and next to me is DennisOdulio.
2nd row L-R: 5th is Ang(forgot the first name)then Wilfred Castillo 7th is Pancho Cachero 8th Gerry Sevilla 12th is Arthur Schimpff 14th is Jose"Marden"Iglesias Jr.
3rd row L-R: 5th is Cesar Soria 8th is John Francis Sabater.
4th row L-R:Hilarion Hizon 3rd is Nick Datinginoo,
5th is Jimmy Dauz.

Grade 3C
1st row L-R:2nd is Emmanuel Laurel, PateÑa, Dennis Odulio,6th and next to Miss Florano is Cesar Llarenas, 8th is Frankie Jose then Chito Africa.
2nd row L-R:4th Manuel Zarate, Jose Iglesias Jr, William Leopando, Fred Salgado 10th is Abet David then Reggie Ressurection next to him is Raymond Tabernilla and myself.
3rd row L-R:5th is Alex Inocencio, 9th is Carlos Zafra next to him is Perry Auxillos then Manuel Sese, Lorenzo Masilugan
4th row L-R: 2nd Hizon(not Hilarion)next is Raymond Daylo followed by Nick Datinginoo,8th is Miguel Sol,10th is Luis Santos.
5th row L-R: Charles Quintos, Sanchez, Hilarion Hizon

Grade 4C
1st row L-R: PateÑa, Chito Africa 5th and next to the left of Miss Inserto is myself, Cesar Llarenas, Emmanuel Laurel and Norberto "norby" Martinez.
2nd row L-R:Perry Auxillos,3rd is Abet David 5th is William Leopando, 7th is Lorenzo Masilungan.
3rd row L-R:5th is John Francis Sabater, 8th is Ang, 10th is Reggie Ressurection
4th row L-R:Magsaysay, Jose Iglesias, Fred Salgado,7th Nick Datinginoo then Mario Lasqueti, 11th is Josefino Cruz and 12th is the late Rene Catalan.
5th row L-R: 4th is Raymond Daylo,6th is the otherHizon.

Grade 5C
1st row L-R: Andy Feria, Martinez(not Norby), Edgar Ramirez, 5th is Jose Francisco next to him is Manuel Pineda 8th and second fm Miss Geronimo is Alex Marquez then Chito Africa,Nogoy(not Deogracias)and myself.
2nd row L-R: Emmanuel Laurel, Cesar Llarenas, 4th Wilfred Castillo,6th is Reggie Ressurection, Manuel Zarate, Carlos Aguilar, Alden Unson
3rd row L-R: William Leopando 3rd is Chito Ongpin, Mario Gener, Fred Salgado,7th is Max Sarah 11th is Gerry Sevilla.
4th row L-R: 3rd is Magsaysay then Josefino Cruz,6th is Jonathan Trajano,8th is Arthur Schimpff
5th row L-R: Charles Quintos, Mario Lasqueti,5th is Nayve(+), Dennis Wassmer and Felix PeÑa.

Grade 6C
1st row L-R: Chito Africa, Alden Unson, Emmanuel Laurel, Manuel Pineda,7th is Nogoy(not Deogracias), Edgar Ramirez, Tiongson, Martinez, 12th is Andy Feria, myself
2nd row L-R: 5th is Lopez next to him is Gerry Sevilla, 8th is Carlos Aguilar then Manuel Zarate, Reggie Ressurection, Ang, Pancho Cachero and Frankie Jose.
3rd row L-R: 2nd is Guerrero, Josefino Cruz, 6th is Miguel Sol then Fr Molavin, William Leopando, 10th is the late Fred Salgado, 12th is Magsaysay and 13th is Max Sarah.
4th row L-R:2nd Nayve next to him is Dennis Wassmer, Felixberto PeÑa, Arthur Schimpff, Hilarion Hizon, Valdez, Charles Quintos and 10th is Jonathan Trajano.

My apologies for those I have forgotten the names.Corrections are highly accepted..

Thats all and I hope you got the uploads!!!


Rely Salle


Aug 14

Dear Raoul,

Here are some corrections and addition to the names of our batchmates:

The other Hizon is Hector.
First Name of Ang is Abraham
First Name of Sanchez is Rene
Family name of Alex Inocencio is Alex Inocentes
Of course the first name of Valdez is Reynaldo.

Rely Salle


Wow! Ang dami! Thanks for the pictures and all that detailed information. I'm sure our batchmates will enjoy these. -- Raoul

Aug 10, 2002

Dear Batchmates,

I am here this morning at Boyet's house to announce that on the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Don Bosco Mandaluyong on 2003, the Mandaluyong Alumni Chapter, of which I am the current Chapter President, will host the National Convention of all DB Alumni Assns. in the Philippines. This will be held on May 1-4, 2003.

We are now busy with the preparations and, of course, fund-raising, to make the event a success. An immediate activity will be the movie premier of the movie "Bourne Identity", starring Matt Damon. This will be shown on August 31, 2002 at the SM Megamall Theater in Mandaluyong City. Each ticket is worth PhP 200.00.

Each batch is requested to sell PhP 4,000.00 worth of tickets minimum and so I am requesting Boyet (as Batch '74 President) to assist me on this. Kung hindi ninyo babayaran kay Boyet ay aabonohan niyang lahat.

There are other events like a golf tournament on November 9, 2002 to coincide with the birthday of Fr. Quaranta, which is being organized by the Mandaluyong Chapter. Other bright ideas are most welcome.

I appeal to you, in the spirit of batch pride, and as your batchmate, to please give your all out support to me. I can ask this from you more than from the other batches. Please support all undertakings and projects of the Alumni Association - all for Don Bosco, where we spent the prime of our lives together.

You can course your payments/donations through Boyet Tobias at Tel (632)531.1309 or through me Tel (632) 532.1761 or directly to the Alumni Office Tel (632)531.6288 and 531.6222. Just look for Joey de Ocampo, Executive Director.

On another development, Jess Atento had nothing left except for the clothes he is wearing after his house burned down two weeks ago. Jess is not asking for any financial assistance but I just mentioned so you will all pray for his recovery.

Congratulations, Raoul, for making this website as an energetic and fruitful conduit of our batch.

In Don Bosco,

Albert F. David
Don Bosco Alumni Association
Mandaluyong Chapter

I hope you get all the help you need for this event. If there is anything I can do on this website, please do not hesitate to tell me. Don't forget to send us pictures of the different events so we can post it here. --- Raoul

Aug 11, 2002

Dear Raoul,

Enteng (Ric Angeles) who is my kompadre told me that I was in this website(Don Bosco Mandaluyong Batch 74).

I am glad that Boyet made the correction in the pic that the guy beside Perry (Auxillos) is me.Cant really remember where was the pic taken.I will try to look for the other pics I have even in grade school.

More power and regards to all!!!



Aug 11, 2002 (via the website's Mass Email) sent this:

Name: Aurelio Salle

Message: OK BA KAYO DYAN!!!


Okay na okay Rely! Welcome aboard! Although I vaguely remember your name, I'm glad you wrote and I'm sure our other batchmates are glad to hear from you. Buti ka pa ... si Ric Angeles na nagbalita sa iyo tunkol sa website na ito ay hindi pa sumusulat. Sumulat ka uli at bigyan mo kami ng update tunkol sa buhay mo.

For those who want to respond to Rely, click here.--- Raoul

August 7, 2002


Just remembered some names:

Mr. Garcia's full name is Eliseo Garcia. He was also the class adviser for 3-C (our class)
Mr. Raga's full name is Agapito Raga - 4-A adviser/Trigo teacher
Mr. Alvarico - English 3rd/4th year
Rodrigo (Rod) de Guzman (no relation to me!) was a Mechanics Shop/Drafting instructor - he became my buddy when I taught 4th year HS Electronics (1977-1979). Most likely he became your instructor

I will stop here - let the old "memory" cells charge up again.

Happy vacation! Post some pictures of your trip.


Ed F. de Guzman

Hanga ako sa iyo Ed. At our age you should be nearing alzheimer's just like everyone. What's wrong with you? Thanks that was a lot of recalling. It must be your analystical engineer mind. I made the changes and added a few comments.

Re: Rod de Guzman, the Mechanics Shop Drafting instructor, if I remember right, he's kinda tall and malaking katawan (at least from what I remember), hindi ba? I remember that we would ALL shake our legs at the same time and, because the flooring was old and wooden, it caused a slight earthquake. Inis na inis siya diyan.

If you really want to see my Arizona pictures, click here. We used a cheap digital camera so it is blurry.--- Raoul

Aug. 6, 2002


Here are some names of people that was part of the Admin and teaching staff when we were in HS

Sgt. Cledera was the PMT Sgt.
The confessor is Fr. Martinez - Fr. Lopez was our Rector!
PE was Mr. Samson
English is Ernesto Roncal NOT Erwin Roncal
Trigo teacher was Mr. Raga
Mechanics Tech/Workshop (4th year)is Mr. Cuevas (forgot his first name!)
Mr Vicencio was a Math teacher in the lower years
Miss Maristela was a Reading teacher in the Elementary
Mr. Wilson's complete name is Juan Wilson.
Mr. Villareal's complete name is Wilfredo Villareal, and did you know he was HS
batch 1964?
Mr. Mardomo Bandong (drafting) was the First and Second year drafting teacher.
Mr. Apolo was Pilipino Teacher for some sections in the Second year.
Mr. Bandong (cousin of the Drafting teacher) was Science teacher in First Year.
Mr. Hilomen was Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry Teacher for Third year and 4 E/PC
Mr. Gallego is a higher year drafting teacher - 4th year.
Mr. Castillo's full name is Rodel Castillo.
Mr. Sixto Malaza taught Geometry and First year Science.
Mr. Rachenbrad's full name us Jules Rachenbrad
I don't seem to know Mr. Barrientos but I know of a Bro. Abarientos
Second and First year assistant principal (before he was asked to leave
because of his leftist ideas) was Mr. Francisco Calimag.
Mr. Tomas full name is Virgilio Tomas

This are all I can remember for the moment! I will write again once the "old" memory sections of my brain kicks in again!

Regards to all!

Ed F. de Guzman

August 4, 2002

Re: Mystery Photo

Here's a quick one from Boyet --- Raoul

One more, it is not Verdote but Aurelio Salle who is in the pic. --- Boyet

August 4, 2002

Ernie Peralta sent me a clarification regarding an earlier e-mail. This is what he wrote:

August 4, 2002

Raoul - That last email was sent from my work computer and email address, which attaches that "sensitive info" warning or whatever as standard practice (to cover the company's ass, that's all). Sorry if it made you stop and think, but you did the right thing. If ever there is anything i send out that i didn't feel was for general consumption, i shall make sure and express that in the body of the letter - something to the effect of "just between you, me and the wall" or "sa atin-atin lang ito". Okey? And thanks nga pala for the compliment... Yours in Don Bosco, - ernie (peralta)

So here's his August 2 email in its entirety. Enjoy --- Raoul

Everyone - Just saying "hi" to certain Bosconians to whom i have specific
things to say, so i didn't use the mass e-mail form on the website.

Ed Fune (Chief!)- i don't think i ever knew you. The reason i'm writing is to say "Congrats!" on your promotion. My hat is off to anyone who can endure Navy life and all its challenges. i was an "eloy" myself from '74-'79, and specifically on the Connie (USS Constellation CV-64) from '75-'79, then i got out. i was only 17 when i joined - still in my formative years, i guess - and being away for months from loved ones was just not for me. i got out as an SH2, second increment, i think, for SH1 pero ayaw ko na. i believe VAW-123 was part of our airwing back then. Anyway, para wala nang drama, more power to you na lang!

Raoul, Lito, Ray, & the Lansangs - i would be interested in a mini-reunion in the L.A area. This year, the best time for me would probably be Thanksgiving Week-end (day-after Thanksgiving would be super) or around Christmas/New Year, since we traditionally visit my folks and siblings in Southern Cal around that time. Next year would be wide open for me, since i haven't yet thought about planning my vacation. Lito, i don't know if you remember me, but i sure do remember you from our elementary days. We sometimes would hang around the college building by the swimming pool.
Hinahantay mo yung sundo mo, if memory serves (weird how my reminiscences work, huh?)

Edwin and Tony - Saw your pics taken in December on the website. Tony, you look exactly the same as i remember you - and that was a looooonnnggg time ago (1969??). Edwin, malaki ang pinagbago mo. Maybe one day we'll bump
into each other somewhere. My wife and i are in Japan Town in downtown SF every once in a while.

Ed (and Perry) - So the day has almost arrived for me and my family to travel to Toronto/Missisauga. Ed, i believe i gave you my bro-in-law's address and phone number in Toronto. Problem is, he and his family just bought a new house - i believe in Missisauga - and will have just moved to their new home four days before our arrival on August 7th (Wednesday). We will be at the Radisson Suites, 2501 Argentia Rd, Missisauga, Ph. 905-858-2424 from August 9-11, dahil doon magpupulung-pulong ang mga reunion attendees ng SVD/Christ the King Seminary. My family and i will be in the area until August 21. Hopefully, we can hook up, as i really would like to see and talk to you, Perry, Jun Dadivas, and whoever else lives there from my Don Bosco days. Perry, still remember clearly the silver (Seiko??) watch that you would always let me wear coming out of our Grade 3 class (Mrs. Resurrecion) pababa sa gate. You even tried to give it to me when you got a new one, pero nahiya naman akong kunin. Anyway, hope we all can find time to see each other. In any event, i have your number, Ed, so i'll call you if that's ok.

Boyet - You are cc'd because you are the commander-in-chief, Mr. President, so i just thought it would be common courtesy for you to know all comings and goings.

Take care and God bless, all. Sinipag lang akong magsulat dahil isang workday na lang, bakasyon na ako. Ciao!

- ernie (peralta)

August 2, 2002

Mystery Photo Update

Partially hidden between (and behind) Emmanuel Santos and Apollo Garces seems to be Rolando Guzman. Beside Jojit Ranola whose face is almost completely hidden seems to me to be Albert David, pero it's a pure guess. i was almost certain the guy beside Brother Emil Santos to HIS right is Reginald something or other, but Ed probably knows better'n me. i'm also guessing the picture was taken in Don Bosco Pampanga. Don't ask me why i think that, except that i have a vague memory of it. Kaya nga lang i am almost sure kasama ako roon, so i don't know why i'm not in the picture if i was there. That was sooooo long ago... Brother Emil's picture brought back memories. We still wrote each other for a couple of years while i was in Christ The King Seminary. Take care. - ernie (peralta)

I got another email from Ernie but at the end of his letter there was a note that prevents me from disseminating the info to the general public. I didn't think there was anything sensitive but I respect Ernie's wishes. Ernie, if you don't mind my placing your letter on this page, I'm sure the others will be interested in your thoughts. Not only did it bring back memories but it was also well written. Suffice it to say, he is interested in a Los Angeles reunion sometime after Thanksgiving. That's another vote for the LA reunion.

By the way, if you send me emails, I'm assuming that you want them placed on this website. If you don't want me to broadcast your letter, please say so (just like Ernie). --- Raoul

August 1, 2002

I'm finally getting around to sending you these. They were taken at around

First one shows me and my brother, Tony (holding his little son), with some family members. I hope you can sharpen it up a bit with your editor.

The second is me with a couple of drunken friends. You can crop it and just focus on my good looks, if you're so inclined.

No stories. You'll be bored to death.


Thanks Edwin. Pogi ka pa rin pero halatang hindi humahaba ang bigote mo. Pareho tayong "bigoteng pilit!". Click here for more pictures of Edwin. --- Raoul

August 1, 2002

Kamusta na, Charlie, Raoul?

Got some errands for you two guys

Looks like we still have some MIAs in our Class - 4C.

Jun Oliveros - last known address is in his Home town of Antipolo. If anyone frequents Antipolo, you can just ask the "old folks" about the whereabouts of the Oliveros family or particularly Dr. Jun Oliveros

Pol Garces - last know address is his old folks home in Mandaluyong. He has a son who studies in La Salle Greenhills. See if you can trace him

Ray Daylo - last known location is LA. I believe he is a Doctor (side note: Milky Evangelista might know exact address)

Elvis Flores - last known location is Manila. Saw him sometime in 1994. Never heard since

Carlos Borja - best bet is to go to his old folks home. The last known address should be with the Registrar's office. They used to live in QC behind the Max Restaurant in the Scout area (Roxas district)

Ito muna! It would be nice if we can have a complete list of all batch mates.

As for the 50th SDB anniversary, bad timing! I will be gone by that time. I will be in Manila from Dec 20 2002 to Jan 4, 2003 only.

When do you plan the LA gathering?

Regards for now. See you all Manila based folks in December.

Ed F. de Guzman
IT Professional
ITS, Kodak Canada, Inc.
Tel: 416 766-8233
KNET/KMX 223-3397

Thanks for the updates on our batchmates. (Like that poem?). If anyone can help with this update, please send us more info. According to Ed, his letter to Charlie got bounced back. Does anyone know if Charlie's address has changed? Charlie, are you there?

Re: LA Reunion
So far there is no set date yet so hopefully you will be around for this one. Looks like you will having fun this December at the homeland. Maligayang Pasko in advance! --- Raoul

July 30, 2002

Hi there! Hope that you are all fine and in the best of health.
Actually, I did not send that picture. I did not attend I also
noticed some pictures that were sent that were credited to me. I do not know
who sent them. I think that I have only updated one picture since then.

VAW-123 UNIT 60138
FPO AE 09507-6409
EMAIL: funeec@vaw123.navy.mil

If you or anyone can tell me where I made the credit errors, I would appreciate it. After looking at it again, I think this picture actually came from Ding Guzman. Ding, tama ba? Also this mystery that Ed de Guzman posed a few days again is growing. Can anyone else shed light to this question? And complete the names of the people in the picture.--- Raoul


July 29, 2002



I was just reviewing the captions on our 4C class picture. I don't remember being referred to as "shota." Was that something that circulated amongst "the guys?" And who referred to me as their "shota?" Not to worry. It doesn't offend me. I'm just curious. In fact, I look at these things for what they are -- snapshots of a time when we didn't know better.

I have some corrections for you.

Front Row: Carlos Borlongan is actually Daniel Barlicos. John Luis Taa is actually John Lewis Taa. Borja is Carlos Borja.

Second Row: The guy you refer to as Dating Guinoo is actually Raymond Lachica (I'm sure of the last name, but not the first, so I'll get back to you on that)

Third Row: Herbert Asuncion is actually Herbert Anunciacion.

Fourth Row: Dave Novellario is actually Dave Novelero.

Fifth Row: Burgos is Erwin Burgos. Wilfredo Wenceslao is actually Wenceslao Leobrera.


Response: I just remembered that it was Edwin who was in charge of the attendance sheet every morning. If anyone can verify the names, it should be him. Your corrections sound accurate to me.

Re: "shota" I remember distinctly that Baretto used to call you that. You were the cutest in the batch, I'd take that as a compliment.;-) And you're right those years were our immature years (as if we are mature already). I remember how "Totoy" we all were. I remember our first mixed party that I organized (was it in third year?) when we had it done at Ray Daylo's house. Prior to the party, I remember a "dance lesson" where we practiced our "moves." Lakas loob is what I remember. We paired up with the girls from La Concordia College and I remember having this big crush on a girl named Venus. Word got around that I thought she was cute and the guys started calling me "Venus". Tapos instead of me making a move, "siningitan ako ni" Rene Baretto. Eventually Rene "owned" her. Hay naku! Those were the years.

Thanks for the corrections. I will fix them ASAP. --- Raoul


July 29, 2002

A question to Ed Fune and other batch mates

I was looking at the "Memory Lane" corner, and I stopped at one particular picture - the very last one that says Courtesy of Ed Fune.

The question:

In the picture are several or our batch mates which did not attend DB Manda HS. But I wonder how and when this picture was taken.

I am talking of Perry Auxillos - who attended Pampanga Juniorate up to 2nd year HS, and then returned to Manda, Rey Molavin who is now Fr. Rey Molavin, and Emmanuel Santos - who went to be a Salesian brother but eventually left the SDB.

Also in the picture is Fr. Emil Santos.


Ed Fune, can you (or anyone) clarify when this picture was taken?


P.S. World Youth Day was a big success here in Toronto. I do hope you watched the events on TV!

Ed F. de Guzman
IT Professional
ITS, Kodak Canada, Inc.
Tel: 416 766-8233
KNET/KMX 223-3397

If anyone can answer Ed's question, please forward it here so everyone else can be "enlightened."

BTW, anyone interested in an LA reunion? So far, Ray dela Rosa, Tony Mapile and I are thinking about it. Lito Adao wants to know who else is in it. Here's his July 22 letter:

Raoul, Let me know if there are enough attendees, then, we could probably convene before we plan a get together. Regards, Lito Adao

If there are more interested I'll put up a poll where we can vote for dates and venues. --- Raoul