(Trivia Time) Send us your old photos and old memorabilia

This is a listing of the teachers we had. If you can fill in the blanks, please send us the names of the missing teachers. If you can supply any information about them that would be very interesting. Are they still alive? If possible, please supply their emails so we can contact them. Click here to send your input.

A big thank you goes to everyone who contributed to the listing.

I have also took the liberty to place photos of celebrities to go with the write-ups of the different teachers. Since we will probably never get good pictures of our teachers, I thought their "look-alikes" would help jolt our memories of them.


Fourth Year

Third Year

Second Year

First Year


Reading - Miss Maristella - Kamukha ni Camryn Manheim of the TV show "The Practice"


Missing Info on the following:

Math - Mr. Vicencio (What year did he teach Math?)

Who was Mr. Wilfredo Vicencio? (trivia: According to Ed Guzman, he graduated HS batch '64)


From Boyet: Guess Who?

These pics were collected by Lito Matias and all went to college in DB. Year when photos were taken is somewhere in 1976. Hope you enjoy Gari Pimentel when he was still thin.Click on the pictures for enlargements and answer.

4-C Baguio Trip
(Courtesy of Ding Guzman)

Under the Camachili tree sent by Boyet Tobias


Mystery Photo: Who sent this Group Picture? (click for enlargement)

(included are Tony Asis, Ding Guzman, Boyet Tobias, Raffy Verdote, Apollo Garces,"Wenchie" Leobrera, Joji Ranola, Perry Auxillos, Rey Molavin, Fr. Rey Molavin, and Emmanuel Santos - who went to be a Salesian brother but eventually left the SDB)

From Ernie Peralta:
Partially hidden between (and behind) Emmanuel Santos and Apollo Garces seems to be Rolando Guzman. Beside Jojit Ranola whose face is almost completely hidden seems to me to be Albert David, pero it's a pure guess. i was almost certain the guy beside Brother Emil Santos to HIS right is Reginald something or other, but Ed probably knows better'n me. i'm also guessing the picture was taken in Don Bosco Pampanga. Don't ask me why i think that, except that i have a vague memory of it. Kaya nga lang i am almost sure kasama ako roon, so i don't know why i'm not in the picture if i was there. That was sooooo long ago...

Brother Emil's picture brought back memories. We still wrote each other for a couple of years while i was in Christ The King Seminary.

Take care.
- ernie (peralta)

From Boyet:

One more, it is not Verdote but Aurelio Salle who is in the pic.

From another batchmate who wishes to remain anonymous (Aug.3):

The Reginald that Ernie refers to in that picture is Reginald Kapunan. And the partially hidden person between Reginald and Joji Ranola is Rene Catalan.

Sodalist from Rely Salle

L-R: Myself, Bay Reantaso, Rodolfo Garcia, Jimmy Dauz, Edgar Ramirez, Perry PeÑa, Bobits Nepomuceno and my kompadre Enteng Angeles.This was shot near the second gate DBTI.
Note: the Statue behind is Don Bosco, Taken around 2nd Year.

If I remember correctly, Reantaso's first name was Winston and not Bay (unless Bay) is another name he was called. And is that Jimmy Dauz? he looks like Odulio.

Kumpare mo si Enteng? Magkasama kami sa Air Police. Ang bait niya. I remember one time naglalaro si "Bukol" Montemayor ng kutsilyo (nagpapasikat) tapos nadulas ... it shot into Enteng's knee and Enteng didn't even retaliate. He pulled it out of his skin and complained but he didn't even curse Mr. Bukol like he should have. Si Reantaso ay isa pa ring Santo. I never heard Winston shout, he was always the soft spoken gentleman. I wonder how they both are doing. --- Raoul