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Roel Mallari and family in San Francisco, U.S.A., May 2004 (?)

Manuel Sese, Tony Mapile and Ray dela Rosa in Las Vegas, April 2004.

National Convention

May 5, 2003

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It was one of the rare occassions where one can truly be proud to be a Bosconian. Ika nga ng kasabihan, "once a Bosconian, always a Bosconian!" (kahit na sa Ateneo, La Salle o Unciano mo pinag-aral ang anak mo)

In one picture (socials in Wack-Wack) you can see Mr. Joey de Ocampo, DBMAA Executive Director, Boyet (ako), Fr. Armand Robleza, Salesian Delegate to the Alumni, Mayor Benhur Abalos, '79, head of Abet David, '74 and Gabby Salcedo, '75.

Till then and God bless!!!

Boyet V. Tobias, '74

Shot of the Day
Contributed by Ding

March 17, 2003

A nice view from the Granville Island Public Market ... 'twas a nice day, too! (Vancouver, BC, Canada - 16 Mar 2003)

Ding's December 2003 Philippine Visit
Contributed by Ding (sino pa?)

Ding with his Papa

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In Don Bosco Manda

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(I remember this stage. Didn't we call it the Quadrangle? On either side of it were those faucets where we would scrape our greasy hands clean in case we ran out of soap? We [Alex Umali, George Hernandez (?), Unco ... Zamora (? - the artist with polio), Joji Ranola and some others I can't remember] designed the stage for the concerts -- "Pawis Tren -'74" and "Ang Bigat - '73". This is where we had Rock Groups come over. They played Stairway to Heaven, Sparkling in the Sand, etc. During the concert, hidden by the huge crowd, the adicts smoked their marijuana. The priests and brothers were not familiar with the smell of MJ that wafted in the evening atmosphere.

I remember the singing group Buhaghag. They boys came from Don Bosco Manda while the girls came from La Concordia. They sang Muscrat Love, People Like Us, What Kind of Fool, I can't Find the time to tell you, etc. Buhaghag was composed of Tito Cajulis (tenor), Nani Roxas (bass), Ray De La Rosa (guitarist/tenor), Rey de la Cruz (tenor), Corky (alto), Schabel (alto), Rolly Guzman (Mr. Tinted/tenor), Jun Tugade (tenor/guitarist), Tina, Chris Bermudo (tenor), Millete, Toti and the arranger was Dada (?). This group sang Christmas carols and almost joined the TV shows Super Laugh-in (with the then unknown APO Hiking Society) and Eat Bulaga. Corky (undoubtedly the most popular in the group) went on to become a regular singer in the city night clubs.

There was also the group that was composed of Charlie Fernando, Edwin Lansang, Nani Roxas, Ray De La Rosa, Tony Asis, Arnel Sia (?), Cesar Soria. I can't remember the name of the group now (was it "Kwan"--- si Nani 'ata ang nagisip nito) but I remember we performed in the inter-high school SCA (Student Catholic Action) competition held at St. Paul's (or Pope Pious?) College where the group won first place.

There was yet another group (professional 'to) composed of Jonathan 'Jong' Trajano, Dadivas, and some other people. They sang James Taylor's --- "You've got a Friend," Carole King's --- "It's Too Late," America's --- Muscrat Love. (Muskrat Love was extremely popular because of their easy chords and melodies)

If anyone has any information (especially missing names) or picture of any of these groups please send it over for posting.

--- Raoul