Pictures from all over
Part I

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Pictures of Pres. Boyet Tobias during his New York visit,
Courtesy of Cesar Holgado

Pictures from Ding Guzman

Pictures from Boyet Tobias: Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 02:26:06

"This pic was taken a few hours ago at Strumms Jupiter in Makati. L-R Alex Fernandez, Manuel Herrera, Boyet Tobias, Glen Santayana and Milky Evangelista." --- Boyet

Let's all pray for ED C. FUNE. He's such a sweet guy! -- Boyet

Sent: Monday, May 06, 2002 11:41 AM
Subject: Ed's Advancement Ceremony

Taken during my frocking (promotion) ceremony last Thursday, May 2, 2002. I was frocked to Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO/E8) after 20 years of faithful naval service.


In behalf of all your fans from Batch '74, congratulations Senior Chief Petty Officer Fune! Mabuhay ang Pinoy Amerikano! --- Raoul

Pictures from Ding (June 2002)

Father Canlas in action.

Edwin Lansang holding a 1970 yearbook and with Hawaiian teacher.

Charlie's Birthday June, 2002

Nahalughog ko sa aking lumang kaban. Makikita sa larawan na ginanap noong pagdiriwang sa kapanganakan ni Carlos Tolentino Fernando ay ang mga ss; Constancio Conde Ongpin, Wilfredo Villaruz Tobias, Alex Fernandez, ang mga tunay na asawa nila Alex at Charlie, at si Charlie. Nasa likod ng kamera ay si Gabriel Zuņiga Pimentel. Ang pangalawang larawan naman ay nagtatampok sa isa sa mga di-inaasahang pag-uwi ni Raymundo Francisco De la Rosa. Kasama sa larawan ay sina ako, Garie, Ray, Toti Martinez (Batch 73), Tito Cajulis at Tonyboy Asis. Sa pangatlo ay makikita na si GZP. Nawa'y magdulot ng kasiyahan sa mga makakakita. Parang hindi! --- Boyet

Ang bigat pare! Dili ako makabalo! Jutay lang! --- Raoul D' Bisaya Kid!

Mel, Tito and Perry in Canada

Ang nasa picture ay sina Mel aramburo (+), Tito Orpilla and Percival Peņa. Ang susnod na picture ay sila rin sa loob ng "killer van."


I am sending you some more pics sent to me a few years back by Tito Orpilla. Unfortunately, Mel Aramburo died while fixing his trailer van. The jack failed and pinned Mel underneath.

Tito, I hope you can send the latest pics of you and our batchmates in Canada so that Raoul can put them in our website. My warmest regards to your sister, Veron - Buhaghag forever!!!

Raoul, again, congrats on providing an electronic bonding tool for Circa 74. Our Alma Mater will be celebrating its 50th Year in 2003. I do hope many of you will think of coming home for a grand reunion. The alumni Homecoming happens during the last Saturday of January.

God bless!!!

Pres. Boyet

So sorry to hear about Mel. What a way to go. My condolences to his family. I hope they've recovered from the shock. --- Raoul

Pictures from Edwin Lansang (taken Christmas time 2001)

I'm finally getting around to sending you these. They were taken at around

First one shows me and my brother, Tony (holding his little son), with some
family members. I hope you can sharpen it up a bit with your editor.

The second is me with a couple of drunken friends. You can crop it and just
focus on my good looks, if you're so inclined.

No stories. You'll be bored to death.


Albert David Visiting Boyet Tobias Aug 10, 2002

click picture to enlarge

Raoul and Family visiting Arizona August 2002

Raoul visited his sister Grace in Tempe Arizona where the temperature was a dry 110-117 degrees. It felt like you were in a sauna. If not for centralized air conditioning nobody would live here. Actually, Arizona is a very well organized state where the skyline is a handful of tall buildings only in downtown Phoenix. Everywhere else are predominantly only one and 2 story structures. There are indian reservations and artifacts all over. There are hardly any other ethic groups other than WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Pigs). Yung mga mahilig sa puti diyan, lumipat kayo dito! It's famous for its retirement population because the air is clean and dry and the price of land is 3-5 times cheaper than California. These shots are not very clear because we used one of those cheap digital cameras.

Ernie in Toronto

August 14, 2002

Here is the group picture during our get together last night here in Toronto. Ernie has more pictures to come. We were at a Japanese restaurant - called Yuki - North of the city. It was fun remembering the good old days - grade school most particularly since Ernie left Busko in the HS days.

Ed F. de Guzman

In Photo L to R: Jun Dadivas, Ed de Guzman, Perry Pena, Ernie Peralta


More Toronto pictures from Ernie

August 22, 2002

Ed, Jun, and Perry - It was really great to have seen y'all again after 32 years. Although a lot has changed since then, it was as if everything was just as they were as we reminisced, rehashed, and maybe even embellished old memories.
Maybe in another 32 years, we can share a few more stories about our favorite teachers (Miss Rivera, Miss Arenas, Miss Cordon, etc...), trade ghost stories (i have more, believe it or not), and re-tell our Don Bosco escapades (i would
like to hear what high school was like in Don Bosco).

Y'all are good peeps, and i am so glad to have gotten re-acquainted with all three of you. Maybe we'll meet up in Los Angeles next year, no? Until then, take care and God bless. Two pics are attached, and two more via separate e-mail are coming para dehins masyadong malaki ang file.

Yours in Don Bosco,

ernie (peralta)

Raoul's 2002 Summer Vacation at Angels Camp, Central California

Angels Camp, a historic town in Central California is one of the orginal Gold Mining towns. This is where they have the famous frog leaping contests Mark Twain wrote about. We toured Mercer Caverns where we walked down 16 stories below the surface in a cool 50 degree marblized limestone cave. The kids went horseback riding and swimming. We also went to a cheese factory and a Hershey plant. We were about to go the "Big Trees" as in Redwood trees but we wanted to go shopping at the Outlet at Tulare before it closed down. The pictures are from the Cheese factory and outside the Angels Camp Main street.

House of Minis, Pasig, Jan 2003

From: Boyet Tobias : Jan. 14, 2003

Batchmates, Greetings of love, peace and joy to all!!!

A meeting was held last night at the House of Minis in Pasig City. As usual, only a handful attended. The attendees are; Boyet Tobias, Dr. Jun Oliveros, Edgar Ramirez, Dindo Sanchez, Albert David, Badge Guererro, Chito Ongpin, Milky Evangelista. The items resolved are the following:

  1. A budget of PhP 5,000.00 was set aside for food and drinks of the batch attendees to the Jan 25, 2003 Homecoming;
  2. PhP 3,200.00 will be given to DBMAA as share of the batch for the movie premier sponsored by the assn;
  3. PhP 2,000.00 will be donated to the 4th Year HS student who went into coma after being mauled;
  4. Fund-raising projects will be in the offing for the following purposes: a. Keep the batch in contact b. Raise funds for the school c. Have constant flow of cash available for meetings
  5. Among the projects are:
    1. Movie premier - get tip from Ray dela Rosa on upcoming films from Universal
    2. Mini concert - Milky will make a concert of the Freestyle sometime March 2003 to be held at the DBTC football field
    3. Golf tournament - Abet will work-out the plans
  6. Make preparations for the 30th anniversary of Batch 74 which will be in 2004.

This mail serves as a sincere invitation to come and join us during the Jan 25, 2003 Homecoming and more importantly to those abroad to be here in Manila for our 30th come January 2004. The meeting adjourned at 10:00 PM. For your information.

May God bless us all! In Don Bosco, Boyet Tobias

From: Boyet Tobias : Jan. 20, 2003


Failed to mention that we met Rene Ramos, DB Mandaluyong HS Batch '66, who is now based in Southern California. He came to the Philippines to attend the Grand Mass officiated by our Rector Major. Presently, Rene is the President of the Don Bosco Philippines Alumni Association. Please have yourselves listed in his database. He's a real jolly fellow and we talked only for a very short while but he made me feel that we've been long friends.

Am sending a picture with Rico Bersamin, HS Batch '61, the Vice President-Manufacturing of Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation. He is cited as one of the "Natatanging Bosconian". You can call him at (310)864-1311 and/or send mail to him through Spassky, what again is our website? You can also send it to Rene Ramos so he can connect. Changed hard disc and everything got lost. appreciate if you can reply asap. Hope to hear from you soonest! God bless!!! Boyet Tobias President, HS Circa '74 (until supply lasts) WVT Consultants Telefax ++(632) 747.2537 Mobile ++(63917) 848.4543

From: Boyet Tobias : Feb. 13, 2003

These were taken by Glen during the Homecoming last December.

Pahabol from Glen.
Feb. 20, 2003

(click on photo for enlargement)

Thanks for your reply and inquiry. Pare below was my intended earlier message to you this morning with the attachment. Unfortunately, ayaw ma send... kept on failing. So I cleaned up my storage file and sent you just the pics. Kaya't paki basa mo na lang below.

Yes the one next to me is Mario Lasquety, the professor?, Lito Camacho, ?, ? , ? and Jess Atento. Yes, Pangan is at the foreground. If you send the pic to Willy he can help us out... pati na rin sana yun iba na nasa web na.

You ought to be there Paski... masaya ang reunion. regards, Glen.

Boyet, Anong say mo? Sino pa ang mga ito? --- Raoul

Reunion in Norwalk, LA
March 16, 2003

Pasensya at ginamit ko ang cheap na digital camera lamang. Click on the pics for enlargements.

The Church from the parking lot.

The shurch from the inside.

Pres. Rene Ramos

Listening to the plans.

Kainan na!

Serious eating.

Tony Pezzotta

Ray Santos

Some of the officers.

The wives take their own grp shot.

My wife - wondering what to eat.

Group picture.

It was a sunny Sunday with puddles of rain in the sidewalk from the day before when the Don Bosco Phils. Alumni Assn. (DBPAA) of North America enjoyed a short reunion in the St. Dominic Savio Church in
Norwalk. I thought I would be the only representative of HS batch 74 but I was surprised to see Ray Santos. I don't know if any of you remember him but he studied in DB Manda from Grade School all the way to 3rd year. He didn't finish in Manda but transferred to U.E. where he completed the rest of his studies.

Do any of you remember Father Anthony (Tony) Pezzotta, former Principal of Manda, Makati and Tarlac? He's no longer a priest but he's the Ethnic Ministries Director of the Southern Baptist here in California.

The purpose of the group is to bring Bosconians together. The primary project is to raise funds to support our educational/scholarship programs to Don Bosco Philippines.

This is the fist time I attended a Bosco reunion so it was different. I didn't know there were so many Bosconians in the area. Maraming Manda, maraming Tarlac, marami ding Makati. Graduates of different years also. The youngest I think was a grad of the 80's while the oldest graduated in '63. Maraming plano for group activities so let's see how that goes. Maraming salamat Rene for inviting us to a fun afternoon. --- Raoul.