Letters from February 2002

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Feb 13, 2002

Letter from Glen

Dear Willy,

Thank you for keeping us posted and congratulations for your new task, Mr. President, it seems you are doing a good job. Also to the newly elected officers, i.e. Alex Fernandez, congrats! I am proud to be part of Batch '74, where we have Msgr. Bobby and Fr. Ric Eguia who have given it all to the Lord. That is something we all have to be proud of. Most especially at this time of Lent where we can give something back to our Lord. Our prayers to them!

I was in Manila for two weeks in Dec. for my folk's 60th Wedding Anniversary. I was able to meet Tito Cajulis and his wife Reggie, at a Couples for Christ event in Talisay/ Taal. My apologies for not contacting any of you especially Milky. Beth and the kids were with me... our schedule was so tight that we ran out of time. I promise I will make up with you next time. Heard about your Dad from Ray Dela Rosa, hope he is okay. Our condolences to Ray for the demise of his Dad, Jan. 3rd in Manila. I got a chance to pay my last respect to his Dad on our way to NAIA that morning. May his soul rest in peace.

Hey Raoul, great Batch '74 web you created there. Very delighting. You all have to see it. Thank you for the past officers,
otherwise all these things will not be possible. Charlie thanks for your past works... including the latest 2002 Tagalog Translations - ayos 'yon ah. Send more pics, lalo na ang mga antique na class pictures. What about '99 Reunion -Staying Alive pics? Have not seen any, except the ones on the website.

Any plans to visit SoFla. in the future? Let me know. I will be more than happy to welcome you. Warmest regards to all.

God bless.

Glen Santayana
Batch '74
(IV- A yata ako?)

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Feb 13, 2002

Chicago Here I come!

Boyet - Buti na lang hindi ka natunaw o tinamaan ng kidlat when you visited the Monsignor :) But seriously, i did not know until just now that you are married, when you made mention of your wife in your e-mail.

All - if anyone out there is from the Chicago area, what is the weather like out there right now? Kasi i just found out that my company is sending me there on business for a few weeks, starting 02/20. i hate travelling. My wife is NOT thrilled, either. Take care na lang and God bless to y'all. Yours in Don Bosco,

ernie (peralta)

Feb 13, 2002

Update on Rev. Monsignor Canlas

Dear Batchmates,

Just came from the Shrine of Jesus with my wife. Rev. Monsignor Robert Canlas is not yet a bishop. He is just the Shrine of Jesus Parish Priest and at the same time the simple Chancellor for the Archdiocese of Manila. When I asked what it means, he explained that in sinners' term, his position is equivalent to an Executive Secretary of the President, oftentimes known as "The Little President". If I get it right, his boss is Cardinal Jaime Sin, being the Archbishop of Manila. Unfortunately, the cardinal is too old and even in his second childhood. As Chancellor, therefore, Mon. Bobby runs the church affairs of Manila on a micro level, and the Philippines on a macro level, tama ba ako?

You can call Monsignor through his 8890 Nokia phone even when he is travelling in his Honda CRV, in his parish or his flush office at the Manila Cathedral. His number is +63917.5344267. He still has no landline as his parish is located in a desolate place in the reclaimed area of Manila Bay. Only parishioners with cars (the rich and the famous) can hear Holy Mass there, not unless you want to hike a full kilometer (1.6 miles) just to reach it . Famous personalities like Lea Salonga, Sen. Nene Pimentel, Henry Sy, Mary Ong, Ping Lacson, Willy Tobias, etc. frequent the place. Let us all pray that Mon. Bobby prays for all of us!!! Till then..

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February 9, 2002

A letter from Charlie Fernando

Hi Batchmates!!!

Just want to welcome Alden Unson and Jojo Lapuz. Hope you can join us in the meetings. Chito, do you know how we can email Msgr. Bert Canlas? I heard that he is now with the Arzobispado.

Lastly, please register at www.alumni.net . This is for other batchmates to start getting in touch.

Ang inyong linkod,

Charlie Fernando

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Feb 7, 2002

A letter from President Boyet

Dear Batchmates,

The Circa 74 met last night at the City Garden hotel in Makati Avenue. It is owned and operated by Boy Macasieb. Food and drinks were prepared by Boy as his gesture of hospitality. Present are those in attached pictures. When in Manila, check-in at City Garden Hotel. Avail of huge discounts for Circa 74 batchmates. Sa ganoong paraan, nakatulong tayo sa isa't-isa.

After ousting Abet David (who is now DBAA Mandaluyong Chapter President) from the presidency of Circa 74, the following officers were forced to take over. Of course, this was done democratically. Chito Ongpin did not allow just one name for nomination to a position and insisted that there be at least two. In all positions, Jess Gamboa was nominated to satisfy Chito. He did not receive any vote.

President - Wilfredo V. Tobias
Vice - Alex Fernandez
Sec - Carlos Fernando
Treas - Edgar Ramirez
PRO - Francisco Macasieb

Let's all work closely together in preparation for our 30th Year. We must really unify and strengthen our bond. Boy Macasieb will host a big gathering for Circa and he proposes it to happen on December 30 or early January. He has lots of fond memories of elementary and high School life in Don Bosco. Sana kayo rin.

God bless us all !!!

Boyet Tobias

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February 2, 2002

A letter from Charlie Fernando


Buhay na naman tayo. Because we have another upcoming event sometime May.
There have been talks about a repeat performance of our 25th and now plans are underway to have a show at the NBC tent at Ft Boni this May. Milky is on top of the show and he will fill us in on the details.

But before we start talking about details, we need to organize again. There will be a general assembly this Thursday, Feb 7, 6 to 9 pm at the roofdeck of Boy Macasieb's City Garden Hotel at Makati Ave. cor Kalayaan. Puede raw BYOB - no corkage. May discount ang food just like how we did it in Tito
Cajulis' Pranks. The Gen Assy will not ask for donations. Your presence is most important.

This general assembly would be to elect new officers also. Abet is now the Don Bosco Mandaluyong Alumni Presiddent and needs to concentrate on his job. Budge is also bowing out because of work concerns. Now, those who are being forced to be officers are Milky, Boyet Tobias, myself, Chito Ongpin and Boy Macasieb. If you have somebody in mind please nominate. Puede ring absentee

Lastly, please provide me with contact details of persons who are not in my list.
Best regards,

Charlie Fernando