Father Monsignor Robert Canlas


Just came from the Shrine of Jesus with my wife. Rev. Monsignor Robert Canlas is not yet a bishop. He is just the Shrine of Jesus Parish Priest and at the same time the simple Chancellor for the Archdiocese of Manila. When I asked what it means, he explained that in sinners' term, his position is equivalent to an Executive Secretary of the President, oftentimes known as "The Little President". If I get it right, his boss is Cardinal Jaime Sin, being the Archbishop of Manila. Unfortunately, the cardinal is too old and even in his second childhood. As Chancellor, therefore, Mon. Bobby runs the church affairs of Manila on a micro level, and the Philippines on a macro level, tama ba ako? You can call Monsignor through his 8890 Nokia phone even when he is travelling in his Honda CRV, in his parish or his flush office at the Manila Cathedral. His number is +63917.5344267. He still has no landline as his parish is located in a desolate place in the reclaimed area of Manila Bay. Only parishioners with cars (the rich and the famous) can hear Holy Mass there, not unless you want to hike a full kilometer (1.6 miles) just to reach it . Famous personalities like Lea Salonga, Sen. Nene Pimentel, Henry Sy, Mary Ong, Ping Lacson, Willy Tobias, etc. frequent the place. Let us all pray that Mon. Bobby prays for all of us!!! Till then...


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Boyet's wife Lina and Father Bobby