Glen and Beth Santayana
3044 Marion Avenue
Margate, FL 33063, USA
phone: (954) 3455428
phone: (954) 3449174

Maybe you'll recognize me inspite my wearing glasses. Taken at last year's CFC conference in San Francisco (Couples for Christ) with my wife, Beth. 2 of my boys are to her right... the eldest was not around.

I have lived here in South Florida since '84 with 3 boys (15, 11, 8 yrs of age) and married to Beth for 15 fruitful years. I met her through Milky on a blind date in 1976. I am in the field of Architecture and is presently on my own for the last 4.5 years as an Arch'l. Designer/ Consultant and Illustrator (same line tayo yata Raoul?). I was able to make use of all the drafting we've gone through in HS. With the colored pencil techniques that Jesus Sevilla can only master, perspective plotting etc. The past 6.5 years, Beth and I are involve with Couples for Christ USA. And was so glad to learn that Tito is also active pala. Not only active but VERY ACTIVE. I am sure there are others in our batch who are in CFC.

Letter dated Feb 10, 2002

Thank you Raoul for your efforts in putting this wonderful web design. It really looks great. Looking forward for future visits... specially seeing more class photos. I lost mine.

I was able to come home during the 25th Anniversary in 1999. I wonder if there are any pics from that celebration?

Regards and God bless.