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September 2002 Letters

Growing list of those interested in an LA reunion:
Tentative Date : May or June 2004

Tony Mapile, Glenn Santayana, Lito Adao, Ray de la Rosa, Raoul Pascual, Ed Guzman, Ernie Peralta, Edwin Lansang, Ed Fune.

Any more? We're open to suggestions.

Gary 's animated Moses

Oct 2

The email I got kinda distorted the message, but one can still catch the humor. Click here for the joke.

Gary Pimentel

Gary sent a batch of Moses animation. I placed them in our Joke2 page. They're actually pretty cool. Salamat Gary. --- Raoul

Letter from Melvin

Oct 2


How are you? Thanks for your updates on our batch. Sana wag ka muna kunin ni Lord!(Joke) I received the e-mail below from from a fellow bosconian of a different batch, I hope you could find some time posting it on our website for everybody to see.


Melvin Ananca

Hi Melvin, kamusta na. Anything I can do to help a fellow Bosconian is always fine by me. Next time send us more info about yourself. I hope this can help Lou Coralde's plight. Please keep us posted on his condition. --- Raoul

-----Original Message-----
From: Larry Medina
Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2002 9:23 AM
To: Melvin Ananca
Subject: Rqst of Support from Don Bosco Batch '74 Website.


Is it possible to tap through your Batch '74 website to air assistance of support for a comatose DBTC HS student? The boy is a victim of bugbog at Lambingan Bridge area. Nakatuwaan at binugbog using brass knuckles and suffered a lot of punches in the head. This resulted to internal hemorrhage and the immediate operation done resulted to a coma. He has been in coma at the ICU of Lourdes Hospital for the past two weeks. Malaki na ang bill. The father has just left the country trying his luck abroad, too late to see his suffering son. The mother, with two more kids, has also just undergone chemotherapy.

The boy is Lou Bernard Coralde of class 470.

Monetary assistance and a lot of prayers are requested. Please ask your buddies to help air this request. Donations may be forwarded directly to the mother, Mrs. Linabel Coralde, at the Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Sta. Mesa Manila, ICU room number 289. You may also contact the 470 Class Adviser, Mr. Dominic Estallo, at DBTC Mandaluyong with tel# 531-8081.

Thanks and hope this message quickly disseminates.


Update on Ed Fune

Sep 30

Dear Raoul,

Hi there! Thanks for praying for us and that you are all there to support us. After our brief tour on the ship fighting the terrorist in Afghanistan, we are presently here in Roosevelt Roads Puerto Rico doing Counter Narcotics Operation for a month. We are searching the air and sea for drug traffickers. Two more weeks to go and we will be home. After that
we will repeat the training cycle for the squadron to get ready for their deployment again in Oct of 2003. You'll notice that I said "their deployment". I will be transferred then to a different duty station. I am trying to get to an instructor duty dealing with UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) operations. Hopefully I get to stay in the Norfolk Virginia area.
If I am around during the planned reunion in CA next year, I might go. I have relatives in San Diego. In fact, I was in San Diego last July with my family for a short vacation.

This is all for now. Regards to your family and take extra care.


VAW-123 UNIT 60138
FPO AE 09507-6409

A letter from Raoul's Heart

Sep 29

Ding sent a joke and I posted it on our second set of Jokes (the first one was getting too long).

Ed Fune sent a rich lesson about life using a jar and some stones.

My father sent me a depressing analysis of the Philippine economy. The writer questions if the Philippines even has a chance. If anyone needs a shot at reality, read it.

This has been a very busy week and I'm heading to another one. So please be patient if I don't include all the emails you send me for a while. Aside from the ones included below, Lito Adao sent me a joke and Edwin sent a short appreciation of my work in the Latin GRAMMY logo.

Lito's joke was funny but I didn't think it was appropriate to include it here ... masyadong madumi. And since one of our batchmates is a Monsignor, I thought I should censor it. I hope you people understand --- Lito certainly did, when I told him of my decision. If you want to get that joke, please write Lito directly. Lito, loko loko ka pa rin! ;-)

As for Edwin, this is what he said: "The colorful logo all over last night's Latin Grammys...is it your design? It's beautiful!."

That logo was actually created over a year ago. It was meant for the Latin GRAMMYs of 2001 but, as you all know, the Twin Tower tragedy occurred on the same date so it was never used. I didn't expect to ever see it. Apparently they had commissioned another artist to do a new logo for 2002; however, the stage director preferred our old designs over the new ones and the rest is history. BTW, just to clarify, I wasn't the only one involved in the logo. In fact for the Latin GRAMMY logo, it was just the subtle illustrations in the background that were done by me. Same thing happened also in the first Latin GRAMMY logo ... but the 42nd GRAMMY logo (the one where Jennifer Lopez made a fashion statement) was all mine.

And just so you guys will know, I lost my job with that company a few weeks later as a direct result of September 11. I thought (and everyone else thought) I would be with that company until I retired but our office was hit hard by the economy and I was laid off. I've been working on my home business full time ever since. The Lord has been good and has provided me clients. I'm quite busy right now but I can always use a few more clients. And because of the internet, most of my clients communicate via email. One of them I've worked with for over 3 years now but I've only met her once. If anyone could help me network to potential clients, I'd really appreciate it. For a sampling of what I can do, visit my website at www.raoulpascual.com. God bless!

Letter from Luis Salvador

Sep 20

I hope you still can remember me. Iím Luis Salvador. I am a practicing internist and gastroenterologist in the Philippines. Iíve just reactivated my e-mail account today and have reviewed the class pictures. Please correct my first name on the picture of 4C third row.

I may be old but I do remember BADONG! Welcome to the club! --- Raoul

Satellite photo sent by Jorge

Sep 20

This is really a sight to behold.

The image is a panoramic view of the world from the new space station. It is a night photo with the lights clearly indicating the populated areas. You can scroll East-West and North-South.

Note that Canada's population is almost exclusively along the U.S. border. Moving east to Europe, there is a high population concentration along the Mediterranean Coast. It's easy to spot London, Paris, Stockholm and Vienna.

Check out Israel compared to the rest of the Middle East. Note the Nile River and the rest of the "Dark Continent". After the Nile, the lights don't come on again until Johannesburg. Look at the Australian Outback and the Trans-Siberian Rail Route. Moving east, the most striking observation is the difference between North and South Korea. Note the density of Japan.

What a piece of photography! It is an absolutely awesome picture of the Earth taken from the Boeing-built Space Station last November on a perfect night with no obscuring atmospheric conditions.

Jorge Hernandez

Behind the scenes: Actually Jorge tried to send the image to me 4 times but somehow there was a glitch in the email network so I never received it. However, I did a quick search and found the image ... although it's slightly reduced. Thanks for such an "enlightening" photo. I didn't know you were so into world geography. Heck, I don't even know where Korea is. --- Raoul

Addendum: As of Sep 30, Jorge has successfully sent the enlarged picture so double click on the picture for the enlargement.

Joji in Australia

Sep 14

Hi Raoul,

Yes, my family is with me and we have been here (in Australia) since 1989. I don't have a daughter there just relatives (both my wife and mine). Sayang we did not meet when we were there and i even saw in the addresses Lito Adao's addie in anaheim ... we stayed there for a week. I worked for the US Naval Facility ion Subic Bay prior to migrating here in Australia. Next time i'll send a picture of my family... i am thinking of attending the 2003 but this year i 'm tied at with my work. Regards to you and to your family...i know we might meet one day kasi we usually visit the US.


Sa susunod tumawag ka man lamang! I'll be waiting for your pictures. (323) 258-4185 --- Raoul

Ding Sent Jokes on Pinoy Shop Names

Sep 14

Click here for the jokes. Nakakatawa! Shows the creativity and silliness of the filipino soul -- Raoul

Jorge's History

Sep 13

Dear Raoul,

I've been in the list a long time. I do graphics mostly for advertising. Work the entire process from strategy to copywriting, art direction and final artwork. Starting to study webdesign software. In fact have one US-based client (gracecargo.com) who would like to rework their website based on ads I'm currently doing. That job I can pass on to you. Marketing? Very much so. I've was in multinaitonal ad agencies, the last post was, ahem, Asst. GM. That's about it. I think we're still traveling on the same jeepney, so to speak. Let's keep in touch. You're in the US?


Yup! California boy na ako. South Pasadena (near Los Angeles) to be exact. Got a small business doing graphic design, web design, illustration and printing (4 color biz cards, envelopes, letterheads --- murang mura! Buy now! Avoid the rush!! Bosco discounts!). Send me your latest photos naman. And if you want to advertise on this website's classified ads just send me the info. Looking for an american girlfriend? Pwede rin ako sa match making. I've matched 2 of my uncles and assisted an aunt into wedding. Predicted a couple of others --- Madame Raoul, the manghuhula!

2 Short Notes from Edwin entitled "The Man Without a Past"

Sep 12

Ang drama mo! (Referring to my Sep 11 email)

Sep 13

You know...I can write your past. What happened between the time I visited you in DC and living in Los Angeles? I met your beautiful cousins back then, remember? I think I still have some pictures. You know...I miss you, man. (Ick! Pwe! Yuck!) Oh well. Edwin

Padala mo naman ako ng picture ng bisita mo sa Washington DC back in the summer of 1979. --- Raoul

Ding's link to 9-11

Sep 11


Ding, I got a lot of good feedback from this link. One of them cried. --- Raoul

Yon bang 25 mo na accomodation for the 03 Reunion eh Pesoses? He-he! just kidding. It's cheap, though. Pamasahe na lang ang problema. Best regards!


Actually kung pesos yan baka hindi ka pa makabili ng Coke! Pero, kidding aside, I can understand where you're coming from. I hear the Philppines is still undergoing a lot of political frustrations. Hay naku ... bayan ko! I'm sure a lot of our batchmates would give an arm and a leg just to come here to the U.S. I think it's so unjust that other immigrants from Mexico, China, ... even the Middle East come here though illegal means and get their citizenship in a few months. Whereas the pinoys go through long expensive legal means and only end up as TNT's. Weren't we a Commonwealth? Didn't we fight side by side America during World War II? I was listening to the news yesterday and since Sep 11 the US has done great strides in security and other government infrastructures but the INS has done nothing! No improvement! Even after an embarrassing scolding from Congress for allowing the terrorists to come over.

If anyone wants to come over, there's an acute job shortage. The economy is so bad I know people who have been looking for jobs for over 2 years now. The only profession that I know NEEDS people is NURSING. Kaya if you are a nurse or have a kamag-anak who's a nurse, may pag-asa yon. If you do, I know someone who's trying to put up a nurse recruiting company. Just let me know. No promises but I'll see what I can do. --- Raoul

Conversations with Jorge Hernandez

Sep 10

choy unson is at unsmor@aol.com




Thanks for the info. I'll put this up when I get freed up. Is this Jorge as in Hor He? Spark's former editor-in-chief? Kamusta? What are you up to? Where are you? --- Raoul


Sep 11
Ako nga si Horhe. After a 15 year career in advertising here, in Indonesia, Jordan, Jerusalem and Qatar, I've been home for a year. I have my own home in Sta. Rosa Laguna where I also work doing advertisng for one client: the Lyceum schools. I still write and I do graphic design now, I divide my time between here and Sagada, Mountain Province where I eventually plan
to settle. Ridiculously, I'm semi-retired now, still single. I guess that pretty much covers it. Kumusta ka na?


Hi Jorge,

Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I've been working on a project.

Somehow I pictured you'd be into some educational institution brainwashing innocent minds with your radical viewpoints. Not married? Too hot to handle or not interested? I didn't know you were into graphic design. Working away from the corporate life, huh? Kung sabagay I can't imagine you in a tie. Sagada is a nice place to retire. Plan in advance ... reserve your burial cave now!!!

I'm also working at home. I've got a web design, graphic design and illustration business. Sounds fancy but it's really not. Still have a lot to learn but I think I'm moving ahead. Married with 3 kids. I'm sure you've seen my family picture at our Bosco website. Are you into web design at all? What kind of graphics do you do? Baka we can create a business together: I get jobs here ... you get them done there with cheaper labor ... then you get paid in DOLLAR$. Think about it. Do you have any marketing experience?

I still remember our time with Mr. Castillo and Father Bang-Ge! Do you still have a copy of the publication? I appreciate your standing up for FREEDOM of EXPRESSION (re: our comic strip). I have no memorabilia of my life before my married life. I left all my stuff in our ancestral home in Caloocan and it all got eaten up ... pictures, letters and all ... by termites. I am a man with no history. In fact, this Bosco website is all I have of my past. (Kaunting violin music naman diyan!)

Talk to you later. I have a lot of work to do. Hindi pa ako semi-retired like you. ;-)


In Remembrance of September 11

I got this letter from a friend this morning of September 11:

On Access Hollywood (just now) they showed a full screen picture of your logo for the Latin Grammy Awards 2001. They were describing how the LGA's were cancelled due to 9/11 and they showed your great artwork full screen on NBC-- a sad but proud congrats to you

It's a sad day for all of us. Strange that that logo will somehow be forever linked to that horrible day. Imagine that ... my drawings will be imortalized like that. God bless the rest of us left living. I pray we make the rest of our lives worthy of this honor. --- Raoul


Sep 10

Wishing everyone PEACE and UNDERSTANDING. Edwin


Sep 10


Let us pause for a minute and pray for all our fellow Americans who just wanted to go to work on the fateful September morning.

Eternal rest grant unto them and let perpetual light shine upon them.

The lesson learned is to show our love to all our friends and neighbors each minute that we can. It mught be the last time we will see them.

You will always be in my prayers for good health and continued success.

God bless America!




Like Edwin and Boyet,

I pray that the world will learn to get along better. I know why some non-Americans hate America so much but nothing justifies the murder of so many innocent lives. I pray for the families and friends who lost loved ones. I believe we all won't be around in this world much longer so let's try to make the best of it.

God bless America! God Bless the Philippines! God bless this world!


3 Short Emails from Edwin

Sep 4

It's me again. When I sent out that mass e-mail, I received several "undeliverable" notices. They are for the following addresses.

Thanks for the info Edwin. agjts7 is Arnel Sia. His corrected address is pataka7@webtv.net but the other 2 are still mysteries.

Can anyone supply the current addresses of the following?

Please send them to me. Thanks. ---- Raoul


Winston Update

Sep 3

hey, don't know if i ever gave you winston's e-mail address. it's w_reantaso@hotmail.com. he's working in vietnam.

Re: 2004 Reunion

Sep 3

the reunion is so far away, i could be dead before that time. but you can put me on the list.

I agree that it's ages away but at least we're getting an idea as to how many are interested at least. You are not bound by this list anyway ... you can always back out. How about the rest of you batchmates or ex-Bosconians who live around the Los Angeles area? Sali naman diyan! --- Raoul

On Mrs. Masilungan's Passing Away

Sep 3

Raoul and Joji,

The news came directly from Lorenzo. His current e-mail address is lorenzom@optushome.com.au and he gave no more details than what I wrote. I've told him that I shared the news with everyone, so it should be okay to contact him.


Thanks for the info, Edwin. If anyone wishes to pass their condolences to Lorenzo, click here.

On Mrs. Masilungan's Passing Away

Sep 1


hi! i read your message about lorenzo masilungan...
can you update me please coz we met here a couple of
years ago during one of the don bosco alumni
gathering here in sydney.



On the L.A. Reunion Proposal
Boyet was questioning the date of the proposed reunion. He wasn't sure if it was next year (2003) or 2004. This is Ed's answer.

Sep 1

It is May or June 2004!

It is for our 30th anniversary out of High School!

I hope this clarifies it!

Best regards to one and all!


Thanks for your rationale in planning it on 2004. To be honest, it never crossed my mind that it would be 30 years since our graduation. Ang tanda na natin!

Re: Accomodations
I talked to my wife and we were thinking that we could reserve a resort near the San Diego Sea World. For those interested, we figure about $25 a person per night might be possible. For those who want to camp out, there are camping grounds nearby. We can use the resort as our "home base" where we can do our cooking and have access to the swimming pool, gym and sauna.
We were thinking that it should be held right after our kids' school which is typically on mid-June (before they start their summer program). The site will be close to Sea World, Leggo Land, the Naval exchange (Senior Chief Petty Officer Fune, can you provide access?), Disneyland and Knottsberry Farm is about an hour's drive. --- Raoul