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The much awaited 2004 Reunion in L.A. is postponed. It appears it requires more preparation than any of us are presently able to provide.

We're open to suggestions.

May Emails


This week 2 lost brothers found their way home: Roel and Arnold. Roel Mallari found our website for the first time and Arnold Quilang was still going to our old website address. I also got a call from a batchmate who requested to be anonymous. Masarap ang kwentohan. What struck me was a comment he made. Sabi niya "mahirap sulatin si Raoul at baka i-BROADCAST!" Siyempre, malakas ang tawa namin. But joking or not, I realize that some of you who send me letters (or don't send me letters) may be hesitant about their emails being placed on this website. Hindi ko akalain na SHY pala ang iba diyan. I apologize to anyone whose emails or stories I posted here without their consent. Kaya umpisa ngayon, if you do not want me to post your email (or kwento) here, please state it in your emails: DO NOT BROADCAST. Otherwise, baka ma-FRONT page ka pa!

Roel, was interested in the reunion but I told him that it was difficult to organize this at the momment. So instead, he will be joining me in the August Bosco reunion of the DBPAA. This year, the theme is a Hawaiian motiff. I've been asked to design their poster and be one of the speakers. On the right is the first sketch of the poster:

Roel also sends a photo of his family. Remember when any of you send me photos, I try my best to post it on the web because I understand how our memories are getting worse as we grow older. Kasama na ako diyan.

Speaking of pictures, I saw an announcement of the APO Hiking Society doing yet another concert here in the L.A. area. I was shocked to see how OLD they all look. Lalo na si Danny Javier. Ibig sabihin, siguro tayong lahat ganoon na rin. Remember, what I said the other time: we're the same batch as Homer Simpson. If we think Homer is a big fat slob, maybe we should look at the mirror first.

O sige, na. Marami pang gagawin ngayon.


Letter from Arnold
May 15


Hello ! This is Arnold L. QUILANG. Many things happened and I've lost in touch with our batch. I am trying to access the website : http://www.cyberlife2000.com/bosco but cannot get through. Is the website address correct.

And by the way, my new coordinates are as follows :

Thanks for your continued support and cooperation and we have already moved to a new OFFICE ADDRESS with NEW FAX LINE as well :

Flat C, 28th Floor, Block 5,
Hoi Tao Mansions, Riviera Gardens,
Tsuen Wan, New Territories,

Telephone : (+852) 2389.4774
NEW Facsimile : (+852) 2407.8673
Mobile Phone : (+852) 94 94 74 26


Thank you so much for your continuous support and with our best regards,

Managing Partner



P.S. : Above is my new company I've recently opened (single proprietorship). We deal with Canada based importers and distributors of various general merchandise bound for corporate clientele and chain stores. It's new and still struggling to increase sales.



(Mabuti sumulat ka! Some people have been looking for you. Nakalimutan ko na kung sino. This is the new address. http://www.bosco.arttickles.com/ I'll post your letter there.

If you could send me a photo, that would be fantastic.

I understand what you mean about starting a new business. They say the first years are the hardest. Hang in there. Tell us more about your business and how we can help. What kind of products are you exporting? I'm a firm believer that we Bosconians should support each other not only in social circles but also in business. I can post your business in our Classified Ads section.

Welcome back! --- Raoul)

Letters from Roel Mallari
May 11

greetings from the bay area! I am roel mallari, '74 grad & just recently discovered our website. I tried to register my name but I don't think I was successful. I am just excited to find our website.

my wife & I are going to vegas this wekend & I will be in touch with tony mapile. I have attached a pic of me & family. hopefully, you'll recognize me. it has been 30 years.


roel mallari
5077 xavier common
fremont, ca 94555
H: 510-795-7894
C: 510-331-4141

(I vaguely remember you pero anyone from Don Bosco is an immediate kumpadre. Welcome to our Bosco family in the web.I'll post your email and pictures to the rest of the group. --- Raoul)


May 11

by the way, I am interested in attending a reunion. it's not too late to arrange one!

( I've included you in our Bosco mailing list. Whenever someone emails bosco@ArtTickles.com you will receive the email along with everyone else in the list. Ayos ba?

Re: Reunion
I appreciate your enthusiasm but if you look at our What's New page, I've listed almost all of the emails that have been passed around. We attempted to do a reunion but I had a problem organizing the group. There was no response when I posted some inquiries as to logistics.

So far the only reunion I can think of at the moment is one in August. Actually I've been requested to design the poster for it. It's for a bigger
group of Bosconians in the West coast area. Their website is www.boscotogether.org. They haven't updated the website yet but here is the info on that day:

This year's theme is "Alumni Homecoming" or "Grand Reunion 2004" in Luau / Hawaiian setting. Hoping we can have the biggest gathering of Bosconians in the USA this August 21, 2004, Saturday. The final venue is St.Dominic Savio Parish Hall - Bellflower. The sterring committee is headed this year by Ed Magno (DB Mand 66) and Ed Narrido (DB Mand 78). Of course, you are all invited.

If the others in the area are interested, maki-sakay na lang tayo dito.
I'm open to suggestions. --->Raoul)


May 12

thank you! as far as our 30th yr reunion, I think I could attend the aug. 21. of course, it would be ideal to have the fresh faces of '74 grad only
but that's ok!

(Sige. Magkita tayo diyan. --- Raoul )


May 13

u got it! by the way, I don't know much about you. I was in section 4A with glen, milky, abet, tony mapile, etc. & I was on basketball team (not on varsity). what section were you? don't forget to give me the details. if there is anything I could be of help, please don't hesitate to ask.

(I was in 4E. Classmates were Ray Daylo, Apollo Garces, Pipi Pimentel, Arnel Sia, Raffy Verdote. Matalik na kaibigan ko si Ray dela Rosa. Kasam ko siya sa Buhaghag singing group. Kilala ko rin sina Milky (from the Boy Scouts) and Tony (from PMT - Air Police). Si glen naging kaibigan ko na rin more from our website.
Did you see your class picture? Thanks for offering your friendship and help. Sige, trabaho ulit ako.--- Raoul)

actually, don't know anybody except 4A. and yes, I did see our class pix.
oh sige & better go back to work. sorry for interfering your work.

Letter from Vic Munariz
May 22

Hello Raoul,

I just passed by the big chapel the other day. I was wondering why there was some construction going-on at the entrance of the big chapel. I thought the chapel would be improved. When I asked the construction worker, he said that a certain portion of the big chapel was going to be converted into the Personnel Office of Don Bosco Mandaluyong.

It is the first time I've heard that a chapel is converted into "lay man's use." Aquinas for example used part of the Church's garden to put up a school in San Juan. The former premises of Ateneo and Assumption in Ermita Manila had a chapel. Although Gokongwei had commercial interests in the area, in fact he bought the area, he didn't touch the chapel, considering it sacred. He built a hotel beside the chapel instead.

But in Don Bosco Mandaluyong, they converted part of the big chapel. Right where the confessional boxes and holy water was located. The school did a similar thing to the small chapel a few years back. DO you remember that there was a small corridor if you enter the small chapel from the quadrangle? That small corridor is now covered. A hole was made from the other side as entrance. Someone's office is located right beside the small chapel.

I remember the Book of Proverbs....where it says... "the beginning of wisdom is humility, the fear of the Lord..." Is this the reason why Bosconians can't work together? Is it because Bosconians have forgotten their Christianity?


(Thanks for sending us your report. It's sad that God is being pushed aside as the world continues to "progress." Is it any wonder that we are experiencing so much suffering in the world the likes of which we have never experienced in our lifetime? We're all different and we can disagree but there's no reason why we should be fighting against each other. Let's keep on praying for more understanding, more harmony and a better world. --- Raoul)

Letter from Garie Pimentel
May 14

Thanks for all the emails. Unfortunately, I just got my connection going this morning and missed mails for a day and a half.

My mobile number is working here. I see you have already from Charlie.

Regret I am not passing LA as I am taking a PAL flight on Thursday which goes LV-Vancouver-Manila.

Will try to hook up with the others.

Kind Regards

Garie Pimentel

An old letter I just discovered from Jorge Hernandez
April 6

Hi there,

Been away for 30 days execly. Hospitalized for something called cervical spondylosis. Tumatanda na,

Jorge Hernandez

April Emails


At the time of this writing, three Bosconians are enjoying an unscheduled reunion in Las Vegas. Mga Hudas! Hindi ako sinama! Joke lang! Actually, I'm so happy for them and I wish them all the joys of high school boyish mischief. And the backdrop of Sin City is a perfect place to do this. Who am I talking about? Ray dela Rosa, Tony Mapile and Manuel Sese. Ray is attending a concert of Burt Bacharach and is staying with Tony. The two of them decided to invade Manny's house unannounced. To make this event even more exciting, Garie Pimentel is arriving any time now. May IMPORT from the Philippines! The trick is getting in touch with Garie who is attending a NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) conference. This all started with an email from Garie who announced he was "escaping" the Philippines for the weekend. Suddenly there was a mad rush to get all the contact information together and with the help of Glen Santayana and Charlie Fernando we got some valuable information. Tapos sumali na si Ray who apparently was planning to also go to Vegas this weekend. In the confusion, I thought Garie was also going to Ray's event and told Ray to meet Garie in the same hotel. Ray called and I realized what I had done. Sorry. Sa susunod, please inform us way ahead of time!

I've included the emails below and some earlier ones. I've updated our emails so the four of them can figure out how to meet. Good luck!

Viva Las Vegas!: Emails of April 16

Garie: 12:52 am

I will be in Las Vegas from Sat 17 April till Thu 22 April to attend the
NAB conference. Know of any of the guys who might be there?

Kind Regards

Garie Pimentel


Raoul: 4:37 am

Hi Garie,

What is NAB? National Association of Bosconians?:-D

Yes, Tony Mapile lives there.

This is his email: (mkaj1914@msn.com). I'm sure he's getting this email.

I'm afraid I don't know his phone number. Anyone out there know how to get in touch with Tony? Ernie? Ray? Glen?

Does snyone else know who will be in Vegas this weekend?

If you will be passing LA, I could take you out. My cell: (626) 818-5008.



Glen: 5:02 AM

Hi Raoul and Garie,

Contact info for TONY AND WAYNE MAPILE
H(702) 889 4150
C(702) 338 3886
(Their home is 5 m west of Excalibur on Tropicana)

Garie CFC is also in the area. Contact info:
Area Leader - CFC Las Vegas
H(702) 269 2435
C(702) 332 8785
Happy trip! You are welcome to visit So Florida.
My cell is (954) 610 8178.

God bless.


Raoul: 5:07 am

Salamat Glen.

Ang bilis ng response! I forgot that it must be around 8:00 already there in Florida. It's only 5:00 AM here. Hindi ako makatulog dahil sa aking ubo.




Charlie: 6:33 am

It's the National Association of Broadcasters.

Warm regards,



Raoul: 8:09 am

Thanks for the clarification Charlie. I didn't know Garie had anything to do with that. I knew he was into satellites but not in radio/TV specifically.

Have a good weekend.



Ray: 12:22 am

Do you know Garie's cell phone # ? Tony and I will try to hook up with him while I'm in Vegas.

From: De La Rosa, Ray
Sent: Friday, April 16, 2004 9:06 AM
To: 'gzpimentel@mabuhaysat.com'
Subject: LAS VEGAS


I am leaving for Las Vegas tonight and will be staying with Tony Mapile until Sunday. We're watching a Burt Bacharach concert at the Orleans Hotel tomorrow night. Burt's lead vocalist is a good friend of mine. Call me at my mobile so we can hook up.


Vice President International Licensing
Asia Pacific / Latin America
Universal Studios Licensing LLLP
100 Universal City Plaza Bldg. 1440-15
Universal City, CA 91608
Direct : 818-777-5694
Fax: 818-733-1334


Raoul: 12:38 am

Anybody know Garie's cell phone?

Do you think it would work here in the U.S.?

if you still receive this, call my cell and I can give you Ray's cell phone. I can't give it here without Ray's permission.

just call the Orleans Hotel.



Charlie: 4:16 am

+63 918 905 7418


Ernie: 8:14 am

Sayang! Good luck na lang kay Garie. Huwag kamong ilustay ang lahat ng kanyang kayamanan sa sugal - mag-iwan nang kaunti para sa burles na show.. ehe...

NAB - National Association of Bulakbols?

Raoul, i guess hindi tuloy ang mini-reunion natin, ano ha? Take care and God bless na lang.

- ernie

Manny: Sat. 17 1:06 am

Raoul / Ray,

Here's a picture of the three of us. Hopefully many of us can get together and do some reminiscing. I checked out the class pictures on the website and many of the faces are bringing back old memories of our early school days.
Whenever you and your families are in Las Vegas, call me up so we can get together.
My Address is:
7647 Gossamer Wind St., Las Vegas 89139
Phone #: (702) 220-8680 (h); (702) 461-9169 (c)

Manny Sese


Rock the Vote
April 1, 2004 - 6:40 pm


this was sent to me by my pare
have u heard of this

Joe Ranola
Maintenance Planner (Mechanical)
onesteel market mills
PO Box 700, Rooty Hill NSW, 2766
* 61 (02) 9675 9848
Fax 61 (02) 9675 9805
* ranolaj@onesteel.com

click here for WMA file of Fernando Poe

Wonderful homily for lent by Fr Gerry, SVD
March 27

Food for thought this Lenten season.

- ernie

Lenten Season Message: 'Bagets'
by Fr. Gerry Orbos

BACK in 1990, when my brother, Manong Oscar, was the secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC), I also introduced myself as the secretary of Transformation and Communion!

Come to think of it, the whole Lenten season is simply the call toward real conversion and transformation of one's heart and character, and, toward a deeper, more personal communion with God and others, especially the less fortunate in our midst. It's the time to be renewed and vibrant, to be BAGETS(not bakets-Ilocano word for old woman) in our spiritual life once again.

So, let's go B-A-G-E-T-S for Lent.
* * *
B-Balik Panginoon:

Let us bring back God into our hearts by making a good confession. When was the last time you really humbled yourself and asked to be forgiven by your God? Right away, the evil one will tell you that you have no real sins (denial), that it's really not that bad so there's no need to go to confession (rationalization) and that you go to confession "tsaka na lang" (postponement).

* * *
A-Alis Galit:

Look into your heart and dispose all the useless junk you've been carrying in your heart all these years. You are not obliged to be miserable in this life! Forgive and you are free. Continue to be angry and resentful and you are miserable. You have been forgiven much. Be grateful. Be forgiving. End your private wars and battles. In the end, nobody wins if nobody forgives. Forget your favorite refrain that says "Me and me against the world." And stop being calculating and exacting in your relationships. Dapat give na give ka, huwag lang one-give, two gives, three gives!

* * *
G-Gawa Mabuti:

Share naman. You, who have much in life, please help the many people suffering around. I raise again the question: How much money do you really need in this life to be happy? How much of that money you are accumulating and holding on so can you take along with you when you leave this world?

Remember, to whom much is given, much is also required. Again, be reminded that the riches (time, talent, and treasure) that you give away are the only riches you bring with you to eternity. Use your money for your salvation, not for your condemnation.

* * *
E - Express your Love:

Slow down and take time for God and people, and also for yourself. A very good practice is to kneel down as soon as you wake up and before you sleep to express your adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, supplication (ACTS) to your God. Another doable and very renewing practice is to drop by a church just to spend some moments of quiet and prayer-the candleglow once more! On the human level, it is amazing how we can "starve" other people of our love. We give only the comfortable installment, as it were, with a plan to give the lump sum when the person is dead or dying already. When it comes to loving, regular daily shower is better than a long drought with a final big downpour.Little things mean a lot, and it takes very little to make our loved ones happy. A phone call. A smile. A pat on the back. A hug. Very doable. Just do it now.

* * *
T-Tanggal Bisyo:

Someone once told me that he had no temptations. Why? Because as soon as temptation comes, he'd give in right away! We must not give up fighting our vices and weaknesses. We must continue to try and avoid the occasions and persons that lead us to sin. It would be a good idea to chart once the stages and steps that led you to a particular sinful moment. Once you know that road, avoid it. That's right: take the "road less traveled." It leads to peace. It leads to Heaven.

> * * *

The "mardi-gras" and the carnival started as pre-Lenten celebrations to accentuate the spirit of sacrifice, the spirit of fasting and abstinence of cuaresma (40 days). Carnival comes from the Latin word carne (meat) and vale (goodbye). Lent is the time to say goodbye to whatever or whoever is dragging you down in your spiritual life.So, what would it be? Goodbye girls? Goodbye gambling? Goodbye kurakot? Take your pick.

* * *

Whatever sacrifice or good deeds you do, do it with a smile. God loves a cheerful giver, and God blesses a generous grateful (not resentful) heart. Take away that "Good Friday look" from your face and that "far-away look" in your eyes.

* * *

If you want to experience real joy, do all of the above in secret. Let it be something just between you and your God, and you'll experience a joy which the world cannot give or take away. Come to think of it, maybe this is the reason I started this with a note about being a secretary.

* * *

Lord, you are calling me again towards deeper conversion. Today, this moment, I hear your voice. Help me not to harden my heart. Amen.

March 21, 2004

Pictures can tell a whole story. Ding sent these pictures that tell it all. click here.

March 20, 2004

Happy 1st day of Spring ... some are rated R but I guess you're an adult :)


click here for Power point images

A sad letter from Vic Munariz,
an honorary member of our group
March 20

Thanks Raoul,

By the way, do you know that DB Mandaluyong has plans to tear down the high school and elementary buildings? I'm not sure if they'll retain the swimming pool. If we're not mistaken, the pool can turn out to be a parking space.

Well at least they'll retain the Old Building, which is now a third less that the original size in the 1950's.


Angry Letter from Ernie re: email viruses
March 16

Ang mga bwisit na walang hiyang ito. It seems there's someone out there spoofing email addresses from the Don Bosco website, and they contain worms or viruses. i periodically get such stupid emails from our fellow-classmates (supposedly). Heck, i even got one from myself once, which was really stupid. Paano bang mate-trace ang mga hangal na iyan?

Anyway, i'm just venting. As you can tell, my email address is still alive and well. Hope everything is going great from your end. Take care...

- ecp

Letter from Vic Munariz re: another Bosco website
March 16

Hello Raoul,

Thank you for your offer.

Actually, we need all the help we could get.
We've been trying to promote self-help among Bosconians but unfortunately, some misread our message.

From 1997 to 1999 we constructing an alumni webpage, "gratis et amore." To make a long story short, the President of the alumni federation, seatched for the alumnus who sponsored the webhost and requesting that the webpage be deleted. The president made up a story that we were trying to use the webpage for our personal gain while using the name "Don Bosco Mandaluyong Alumni Association". So we changed it to "Don Bosco Mandaluyong Alumni Affairs."

Still the federation president insisted, citing that there so called complaints from other batches.

Our reply was simple. If there were really complaints, then why didn't the association talk to the webmaster?
And the cited complaints were very simple. That there was a complainst regarding a caption of a photo. Simply because one batch was featured in the caption, another batch called the alumni office to complain that it was demeaning to their batch.

We found the above reasons hard to believe. Especially after we've spent two years constructing the webpage. We even spent for the photos. Our own transportation and meals.

So now we do not have a webpage yet, not even an alumni webpage put up by the school itseld, but we're keeping our options open. Once we have a secure webpage put up, we'll inform you immediately.

So far, what we have are the yahoogroups.
At least no once can touch that.

This is how it works:

Don - d
Bosco - b
Mandaluyong - m
High - h
School - s
Batch Year - 74

So if other Bosconians visit your site, you can refer them to us, via email or point them to the URL.
In your batch case, URL address is:
If they belong to another batch all they have to do is change their batch number.

For ITC (Industrial Technician Course) we also prepared yahoogroups for them.

We'd appreciate if you can help us gather other Bosconians to the group. At least we have something to communicate with.

Until now, though we prepared yahoogroups from batch 1959 to 2003, only a some are active. Those from the other batches have not yet been fully informed about Mr.Roncal's demise, simply because they have not subscribed to yahoogroups. We do not have a file of alumni email addresses so there is no way of informing them.

There is no alumni "Spark" so there is no communication among alumni except yahoogroups. At least with email it's much faster.

The dbmhs yahoogroups has proven its benefit to the alumni. Homecoming has increased four fold and without the need to use the telephone to remind each one.

Until now our work is still "gratis et amore".
We would like to gather all alumni whether here or abroad. Usually they find their batch email address after joining yahoogroups. We've even had cases where those from same batch lived in the same village or subdivision. Didn't realize they were neighbors.

Thank you for your help.

Please send me email if there are clarifications.
Until now we're doing the updating "mano-mano".
That is, during the homecoming, we bring a piece of paper, visit as many tables as we can and ask for their email address. Then we enlist them. Quite a few send us email to thank us. But 99% do not. Not even a confirmation from them.

Boyet Tobias was a good friend during high school. My ka-barkada were older batches.

Thanks & Regards,


Hello Raoul,

Do you have a younger brother who also studied in Don Bosco? We actually had 2 with Pascual as their family name. One of them is Oledan. I'm not sure if the other Pasculs is named Ike. Both are from batch '76.

Can you send me his email address? We'll include him in our batch yahoogroup. Both "Pascuals" lost contact with our batch a long time ago. We have about 100 member already.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Vic,

Actually I do have a younger brother, Gerardo, or Gary as we call him. But he didn't study in Don Bosco. As far as I know I'm the only one in my immediate family that studied at Don Bosco.

It looks like you've got a good group going there. If you want, give me the link to your website and other info and I will post it on our site. There are several Bosconians, even those not from Batch '74, who visit and they might find it useful to know about your activities. And if you wouldn't mind, could you put a link to our website in your URl too? This is the address just in case you didn't know:



Ernie Re: Virus March 4

This is a resend to some as my connection got cut off. To the cc's, please don't open any zip files that come your way even if you think it's coming from me. Apparently, some a^*#hole is sending insidious (sp?) .zip files using my email address, among others. Rest assured those don't come from me. i would never send anyone .zip, .exe, or any other type of executable
files without first telling y'all in a separate email that also contains personal stuff so that you know it REALLY comes from me. So please be wary.
- ernie

From Ding, March 23

Shattered Hope By Silverio F. Aquino

I AM now 75. I have a wife and six children and two truckloads of
grandchildren, but my family has been breaking up because of the failures
of our government. All this makes my blood pressure shoot up. I think many
senior citizens are in the same situation.

I know whereof I speak because I have lived through the administrations of
Quezon, Osmena, Roxas, Quirino, Magsaysay, Garcia and Macapagal, and life
under them was good. I was a boy during Quezon's time and I know little of
Osmeña's rule, but I know they were good and dedicated leaders. During the
administrations of Roxas through Macapagal, I got an education, got
married, had children and educated them in turn. The government under them
was also good.

Then came Marcos. At first the people responded well to his
exhortati! on: "Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, disiplina ang kailangan (For the
nation to progress, discipline is needed)." But he turned out to be a
dictator. He killed or imprisoned his political enemies, stole money in the
billions of pesos, and repressed the people's freedoms.

One day my youngest daughter, who had just finished her course at the
University of the Philippines announced, "My future has been ruined by
Marcos. I want to leave."

I was dumbfounded, but I knew she was right. She went abroad.

Then my eldest son, an electrical engineer, followed her. I terribly missed
them, and I blamed the government for taking away their hope for a bright
future in their own country.

Upon the petition of my eldest son, now a citizen of another country, my
wife and I were granted immigrant visas so we could live in that country. I
did not go, but my wife went to live with my children there, so now we only
visit each other. She, ! too, was disillusioned with our leaders. Her leaving
was to me the unkindest cut of all.

Marcos was thrown out of power, and was succeeded by the widow of his
foremost victim and later by a former army general. But my four children
remained skeptical about the future.

Tragedy struck when a movie actor was elected president. Then he was
charged with plunder and detained without bail.

I watched what my four remaining children would do. True enough, two of
them soon gave up and left I could not believe they would go, since they
had studied in good universities, they had decent houses, drove cars and
lived in relative comfort. But they left because they saw no hope here
especially for their own children.

Now I have only two children left with me. They are also jumping ship
because they do not see any good reason for staying. Sadly I know they are
just waiting for me to go to my final destination, and they may have only a
few years to wait.

A recent survey found that abo! ut 20 percent of Filipinos want to leave the
country. Many families really want to go abroad for good. One Inquirer
columnist said it all for them when he wrote, "For the first time in my
life last week, I really felt that this country has become hopeless."

Like my four children who have gone, many people are convinced this country
is hopeless and wish they had the opportunity to move elsewhere with their

Countless Filipinos have chosen another way to leave, which is by finding
work abroad. If they could, they would uproot their families. But they are
forced to leave behind their spouses, children and parents in order to take
foreign jobs, mostly menial and below their level of education, and they
and their loved ones must suffer the pains of separation and
loneliness. While the government is happy for the millions of dollars that
they send home to prop up the economy, it does nothing to address the
re! ason why, like the emigrants, these overseas Filipino workers have to go
abroad in the first place.

There is also the big brain drain that the government does not seem to care
about. Educated and talented Filipinos go to live abroad and apply their
expertise and knowledge to their foreign jobs. The exodus of doctors,
nurses, engineers and technicians goes unabated, but the government is not
bothered by this waste of talent.

Why do Filipinos go away? First of all, there is so much corruption
everywhere in the government. A world opinion survey has revealed that our
country is the third most corrupt in Asia and the 11th most corrupt in the

There is also too much politics. The finance secretary has said that
politics is the cause of our dire economic problems.

But who is engaged in too much politics? Why, the politicians, of
course. There are too many of them in and outside Congress. They are
concerned only about their personal ambitions and their expensive junkets
and their abuse of their pork barrel and other perks. Gone are the days of
Recto, Laurel, Diokno, Osias and House Speakers Cornelio Villareal and
Eugenio Perez, of Ramon Magsaysay, and of justices like Concepcion, Moran,
and Avanceña.

Many politicians give speeches about poverty, joblessness, crime and other
ills, but do very little, if at all, to address these problems. Instead,
they resort to what is expedient or good for themselves. Look at the
shameless speed with which congressmen have railroaded the impeachment
charges against the Chief Justice and how some senators are thirsting for
the publicity they will get as judges during

the impeachment. Look also at how fast many politicians have risen to
defend the Chief Justice without ascertaining that he is really innocent in
his handling of the Judiciary Development Fund amounting to billions of

The people are now cynical of this government. Even Filipi! nos abroad share
this cynicism, as shown by the fact that only one out of every 100 of them
has bothered to register under the new Absentee Voting Law. Like my wife
and children abroad, they do not trust the government enough to participate
by voting. The common lament is, why vote when the same kind of so-called
leaders will get elected anyway, by hook or by crook?

Now, I am horrified to learn that another movie actor, who has reportedly
not finished high school, will be elected president in 2004.

When my last two remaining children leave because this country is hopeless,
my family would be completely shattered and, if I would still be alive, my
hope in the government will also be completely lost. This would be tragic
for me. I have seen better governance from the likes of Laurel, Recto,
and Magsaysay, and I will never see the light of hope in this hopeless

Silverio F. Aquino, 75, is a lawyer.



This past week saw a flood of letters. It also was the week of news that our English teacher, Mr. Ernesto Roncal went to be with our Lord. This page was getting so long that I had to break it up and start a new page. As always, our past letters can be viewed by simply clicking on the letter links above.

Joji has a change of address, Charlie has pictures of Mindanao and news of his starting a new business. Garie talks about the Passion, Ding sends a frustrated letter about the Philippines, and Rene Ramos is offering FREE calendats.

Pplans for the LA Reunion are fissling out. No one has yet responded to my inquiries after posting options to the event. I think everyone's just so busy.

Feb 25, 2004



please update my e-mail addie coz i have no much time
to open this addie.

my new e-mail addie is ranolaj@onesteel.com


God bless


Feb 23, 2004


Hi All,

Before anything else, I met Jed Asuque in the family day of St. Theresa's College October last year. Mga bata pa ang mga anak namin.

Anyway, after so many years of wanting to put up my own company I finally took the plunge. My company, called RF Magics Inc., as in Radio Frequency, is selling Telecom equipment and solutions mainly to small telephone companies in the provinces. It is just so fascinating to travel outside Metro Manila.

My viaje brings me to Mindanao most of the time and unlike what everybody gets from the news is such a breathtaking place. I wouldn't mind retiring in a place called Lake Sebu which is on top of the mountain where fresh Tilapia can be harvested & cooked in a dozen ways. Tama na ang pangbobola. I'm now at home doing my email while suffering from Gout. Tanda na natin talaga.

Pictures IMG 2886 is a resort cum restaurant in Lake Sebu in South Cotabato IMG 2214 is a picture of Durian. The fruit with a hellish smell but with a heavenly taste. It's famous in Davao.IMG 1276 is how I got to a place called Odiongan, Romblon. It's just like a big banca w/ katig. I couldn't find where the life jackets were located (IMG
1275). IMG 2957 Remember I asked who this lady was? She is Miss Mallari-Tabora, our science teacher.

Till next gout season arrives.
Warm regards,

just talked to Boyet Tobias. His new email is wvtconsult@pacific.net.ph



David Letterman's TOP TEN LIST:

10. White House is not big enough for in-laws and extended relatives.

9. Not enough parking spaces at White House for 2 Honda Civics, Toyota Celica, 1985 Mercedes Benz Diesel, BMW (big mean wife) and MPV (My Pinoy

8. Dignitaries generally intimidated by eating with fingers at state dinners.

7. Too many dining rooms in the White House - where will they put the last supper picture?

6. White house walls not big enough to hold giant wooden spoon and fork.

5. Secret service staff won't respond to "psssst, psssst".

4. Secret service staff uncomfortable driving presidential car with rosary hanging on the rear view mirror or the statuette of Santo Nino on the dashboard.

3. No budget allocation to purchase karaoke machines on every White House room.

2. State dinners do not allow "Take Home".


1. AIR FORCE ONE - does not allow overweight balikbayan boxes

Feb 23, 2004


To those in the US, I believe the film has been somewhat of a controversy … being branded anti-Semetic. One of my staff had the privilege of viewing it during a private screening as our company participated during the recent National Religious Broadcasters Conference in Nashville. My staff isn’t even Catholic … yet he recounted how after the movie finished everyone was simply silent … for quite a long time.

Yesterday, EWTN showed its one hour interview with Mel Gibson … very touching.

I will certainly watch the movie when it comes to Manila . . . and also get myself an “original” (not the fake copies usually made available here) of the DVD when released. Such productions deserve real support.

Kind Regards

Garie Pimentel

Garie sent an article by the Most Reverend John F. Donoghue, Archbishop of Atlanta

Feb 23

Greetings, everyone!

We just recieved the 2004 Don Bosco Calendar from the Philippines.
We would like to distribute and share it with all the bosconians here in the USA, irregardless
whether you are a member or non-member of our association, Don Bosco Philippines
Alumni Association (DBPAA) of North America. FREE OF CHARGE.

If you are interested, please respond by e-mail with your name, mailing address and
phone number, year at Don Bosco (elementary, high school, college, undergraduate , etc.),
if applicable. Location (Mandaluyong, Makati, Tarlac, Pampanga, etc.) is optional but certainly would be great to know.

The calendars will be distributed on a first come-first serve basis while supplies last.
A great DB keepsake item. FREE OF CHARGE. So, order now and recieve your personal
copy soon.

In boscotogether,

President, DBPAA NA
(310) 617-6256