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Growing list of those interested in an LA reunion:
Tentative Date : May or June 2004

Tony Mapile, Glenn Santayana, Lito Adao, Ray de la Rosa, Raoul Pascual, Ed Guzman, Ernie Peralta, Edwin Lansang, Ed Fune.

Any more? We're open to suggestions.

Short Emails

Charlie sent this email he got from Boyet/Ray. I hope our batchmates in the good ol' PI have the time to give him a grand time. Ray, don't forget to take pictures for us to enjoy at this website! --- Raoul


I will be in Manila with the kids and Cecile from Nov. 23 - December 7. Hope we can have a minireunion with Batch 74.

Ray De La Rosa


Ding sent a funny analysis of the upcoming Philippine Elections. Click here.


An Article from Gary

dated: Nov. 11

I’d like to forward the insightful message below. The principles of Archbishop Chaput’s message is not only applicable to the USA (although his examples are very American), but also to Philippine society and governance at large. The Philippines is a melting pot of cultures, but we seem to be good at assimilating what are the poor traits of the various countries that have had influence over us in history.

Click here for the article

Several Interesting Stuff

Lessons from the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare you can apply in your work.

The Do's and Dont's of Driving (you need Flash installed in your browser) - http://www.muesing-hv.de/rr/fahrschule

Want to earn $10,000? Design a paper plate before Feb 2003. http://www.gp.com/artoftheplate/index.html

You've all heard about Google the search engine but have you ever seen it backwards? http://www.alltooflat.com/geeky/elgoog

Lorenzo's correction

dated: Oct. 29

hi Raoul

hope you and your family are well.

i wish to clarify that it was my mother, Rosalina, that passed away last Aug 17; she was 75 and died from cerebral hemorrhage.

with Edwin mentioning the passing away of Mrs Masilungan, some of our fellow Bosconinans thought it was my wife; thank God Cora is alive and well and continues to shower me and our 3 teenage children with her love and keeps us under her spell with her culinary delights.

to keep you updated - i work for SingTel Optus as a project coordinator; and my wife is a registered nurse working as nursing educator for an aged care facility.

Thanks Lorenzo. Sorry for the mix-up and sorry for this delayed posting. I've been swamped with work. In fact, if anyone sends me stuff, please be patient. This season is especially busy for me.--- Raoul