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June 2, 2007

Congratulations Boyet! Nahuli ka rin! Here are photos of the wedding courtesy of Charlie Fernando.

Tony's True Confession Caught in Camera


For more photos from Charlie, click here.


May 18, 2007

We had a small reunion in Ray dela Rosa's home in Burbank in honor of Manolete Navarro who was visiting from Winnipeg Canada. This is the first time I have seen Herbert, Manolete, Alan and Cesar since 1974. The last time I saw them was during graduation night. Hope you enjoy the pictures. --- Raoul

Pepe Reyes and Rod Garcia, both from Lourdes School in Mandaluyong. Batch 72 but they are now honorary Bosconians.




January 31, 2007

There have been several pictures sent over in the past 2 months. I have not had time to put them up properly but if you really want to, you can follow the link below to the folder that has these pictures.

Pictures from Dec 2006-Jan 2007 --- including the January 2007 reunion. Click here.

Oct. 25, 2006

This letter came from Arnold who met up with Garie in Hong Kong:

Dear Raoul and Ding,

Garie came to Hong Kong for a CONVENTION.......we met and took attached photo at CHAMP'S BAR (CHARTERHOUSE HOTEL).

As you can see on the right is GARRIE, beside me. At the back are my 2 partners/buyers in CANADA, CARL on the RIGHT and THIERRY on the left..........BIG BODIED GUYS, they are also on the same hotel with GARIE (CHARTERHOUSE HOTEL in WANCHAI). On the left front is our supplier Keneath CHOW....he supplies a lot of items for us.

Thanks and regards to all.


* * *

Greetings from the Don Bosco Batch '74 website. I'm sorry we lost contact for a long time. I didn't know we were "off the air" until Lito Adao told me early this month (September 2006). Anyway we had a small reunion Sept 17 because Ed Guzman was here in Los Angeles visiting his parents. Here are some pictures from a mini-reunion in Los Angeles on Sep. 17, 2006.
We were hoping to do this more often. Attention Alan Paet, Ray Daylo, Sol, Tabernilla, Cesar Soria, Ray Santos, Roel Mallari, and anyone else who is in the California area. We wanted to get in touch with you but we did not have your number or it was too short notice. Please contact Raoul.



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Welcome Don Bosco High School batch '74 and friends. This site is a venue for all of us from the good ol' days of Mandaluyong traffic. Remember the jeepney routes of Boni, Shaw Boulevard, Quiapo and Cubao? Remember Mr. Tanchangco (si Tanching), Vispaculo, si Bining ("Ikaw talagang bata ka"), Mr. Wilson, Father Mariano Evangelista, Brother Cabrera, Mr. Garcia, Fr. Martinez, Mr. Castillo ("Diyan ka magaling"), Mr. Chang (aka Mr. Stomach)? This site is dedicated to the memories of our youth.

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