Batch '74 Classified Ads

Interested in sidelines? Need to sell? Need to buy? Post it here. Click here to send info. This is a FREE service to all Bosconians. We believe in the motto: "Once a Bosconian, Always a Bosconian!" We're here to help one another.


Satellite Space

Garie Pimentel works for Mabuhay Phils. Satellite Corp. which operates the only Philippine satellite in space today. The satellite has a footprint into Hawaii and can be used to bring programming to/from Asia and the mainland via Hawaii. Any leads or intersted parties should email Garie.

ISP Provider/ Hosting
I host, develop, design websites aside from other IT solutions that are being offered. Pls. log in at for more info.

Contact: Jun Dadivas

IT Consultant

SAM's Computing Services
I offer technical and business assistance to professionals, small & medium businesses and home-based businesses, as well. Although I'm located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, I'm able to provide technical support and training to anyone who's accessible by telephone and of course, remote access either by direct connection or via the Internet. Other areas of expertise include Digital Imaging, Film Photography & Video-Editing. Please feel free to contact me at

Graphic Design, Web Design and Illustration

Raoul Pascual
Web and graphic design. Illustrations? Yeah, I do that too. See my website for samples: Open also for any business venture. Are you into web design and hosting? Want to partner up? I have a potential client who might be able to use your services. Unfortunately, there currently is a cut-throat competition going on so It'll be mass production at very low rates but if you're interested, we might be able to come up with an arrangement where you earn by volume. The only reason I haven't gone into it is I might get tied down. This would be ideal if you did web design and worked in the Philippines where a small dollar amount will come a long way.

Business Opportunity

Basura to Gold!
Here in America, there are a lot of junk that are considered expensive over there in the Philippines. Things like books, clothes, toys and appliances. Does anyone have any idea how we can send some of these junk to the Philippines? Does anyone know of a cargo container that can be filled and sent over there? If not for profit, at least to help the poor.

If we pool our resources together, we could probably create a WISH LIST and find a way to send that item over to the person(s) in need. Contact Raoul if you are interested in discussing the possibilities. We may even put up a separate page just for this purpose if there is any interest in this.

Hand-made Paper Sales
Do you know any women (your wives maybe?) who are interested in sales? Village Handcrafters, a San Diego-based company run by a missionary from Action International who has lived in the Philipines for over 20 years (a very good friend of Raoul's) established a paper mill in the Philippines manned by poor families. They use waste materials like cogon, hemp, leaves, etc. and turn them into commercial grade hand-made paper. They are selling via Tupperware-like parties. Although the site is still being developed, you may go to their website: and get contact information. Help the poor in the Philippines, help the missions and earn real money at the same time.