A letter from Ed Fune
dated: Mar 2, 02

Click on the pictures for enlargement.

These pictures were taken on the flight deck of the USS Theodore
Roosevelt (CVN-71) during support of Operation Enduring Freedom. I had the
chance to dedicate two of those laser guided smart bombs for our batch "Don
Bosco Manda HS Batch '74." I hope you can read the writing on it. They were
dropped in Afghanistan on the bad guys -Talibans. "Fighting for world peace
one bad guy at a time."


VAW-123 UNIT 60138
FPO AE 09507-6409
Email: funeec@vaw123.navy.mil

Thanks Ed. I'm sure our batchmates are honored by your dedication. I didn't know you could do that. Imagine --- dedicating bombs --- what an interesting concept.

For those of you interested in a site dedicated to jokes of Osama Bin Ladin, click here. I have to warn you that some of the jokes here are very naughty. Two of the cartoons were submitted by me.

I opened a discussion regarding the Talibans in our Bulletin Board if anyone is interested.

--- Raoul