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This picture was taken by a lady returning on a cruise this past summer (July 28, 2001). It is a sunrise over lower Manhattan. SHE Writes: As I watched the beautiful skyline of New York City float past me I noticed the sun was about to line up just behind the twin towers. I was lucky enough to snap the picture at exactly the right moment. If you look at the sun rays it is almost prophetic. - a little spooky. When I show this picture to anyone they almost always asks for a copy. I just want to share it with all who want it. Please take this picture and share it with anyone and everyone who likes it.

A whimsical Power Point presentation contributed by Garie Pimentel called My Ten Angels.Click here to download the 225kb file into your computer.

Interested in Philippine history? Here's a link to a timeline of Philippine events side by side with world events.

How about Philippine Heritage? www.filipinoheritage.com

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