Grade 6 - C

1st row L-R: Chito Africa, Alden Unson, Emmanuel Laurel, Manuel Pineda,7th is Nogoy(not Deogracias), Edgar Ramirez, Tiongson, Martinez, 12th is Andy Feria, myself

2nd row L-R: 5th is Lopez next to him is Gerry Sevilla, 8th is Carlos Aguilar then Manuel Zarate, Reggie Ressurection, Ang, Pancho Cachero and Frankie Jose.

3rd row L-R: 2nd is Guerrero, Josefino Cruz, 6th is Miguel Sol then Fr Molavin, William Leopando, 10th is the late Fred Salgado, 12th is Magsaysay and 13th is Max Sarah.

4th row L-R:2nd Nayve next to him is Dennis Wassmer, Felixberto PeÑa, Arthur Schimpff, Hilarion Hizon, Valdez, Charles Quintos and 10th is Jonathan Trajano.

---captions by Rely Salle