Grade 5 - C

1st row L-R: Andy Feria, Martinez(not Norby), Edgar Ramirez, 5th is Jose Francisco next to him is Manuel Pineda 8th and second fm Miss Geronimo is Alex Marquez then Chito Africa,Nogoy(not Deogracias)and myself.

2nd row L-R: Emmanuel Laurel, Cesar Llarenas, 4th Wilfred Castillo,6th is Reggie Ressurection, Manuel Zarate, Carlos Aguilar, Alden Unson

3rd row L-R: William Leopando 3rd is Chito Ongpin, Mario Gener, Fred Salgado,7th is Max Sarah 11th is Gerry Sevilla.

4th row L-R: 3rd is Magsaysay then Josefino Cruz,6th is Jonathan Trajano,8th is Arthur Schimpff

5th row L-R: Charles Quintos, Mario Lasqueti,5th is Nayve(+), Dennis Wassmer and Felix PeÑa.

---captions by Rely Salle