First Row: Bobbie Berenia, Garie (Pipi) Pimentel, Arturo Tolentino, Ed DeGuzman, Carlos (Golden Voice) Borlongan, Mr. Garcia (Jose Rizal), Elvis Flores, Rolando (Mr. Tinted) Guzman, Ding (tisoy) Guzman, Carlos Borja, John Lewis Taa.

Second Row: Mario Obillo, Luis Baustista, (nakalimutan ko! Tulong Charlie!!), Raffy (Bruce Lee) Verdote, Francisco (Boy) Macasieb, Salvador (Badong), Tony Asis, Apollo Garces, Edwin (shota) Lansang, Jed Asuque.

Third Row: Manuel (Jun) Oliveros, Rene (Jheegs) Catalan, Arnel Sia, Luis Pineda (hindi ako sigurado!!), Santiago (Santi) Guzman, Cesar Soria, Herbert Asuncion, Fernando Roxas, Rene (Jolly) Cruz.

Fourth Row: Carlos (Chicks) Fernando, Ed (Ilong) Avila, Rino Manlangit, Burgos, Arnold Quilang, Dave Novelero, Winston Reantaso, Rene Samonte.

Top Row: Raymond Daylo, Rene (Pabling) Barretto, Raoul (Spassky) Pascual, Alan Paet, Wilfredo Wenceslao.

Please note: If anyone is offended by the nicknames we used to give each other, please inform Raoul and it will be removed. This is supposed to be a website for happy memories. We have no intention of offending anyone. We were a bit cruel to each other during our high school years and name-calling was one way we would put each other down. It is our hope that we have matured and proven that we could amount to something beyond our nicknames.